365 days of writing, may 12:

Three people walk into a bar: A Newfie (from Newfoundland) a Brit and an Indian. Each wanted to be served first, the Bartender had a terrible day at home, he was not interested to have an argument with these strangers.

He yelled out in his coarse voice: What can I do for you fellas and make it quick?

The Newfie smiled and said: Was the Mrs. grouchy this morning, you don’t seem very happy, sir? I’m hungry and parched I’d sure love to wet my tongue and fill my belly with what they call food. I must confess I have two bucks on me, will it be enough?

The bartender ignored the Newfie and turned his attention to the Indian: How about you Sir, did you come to quench your thirst or fill your belly, and how many bucks is in your pocket?

The Indian felt insulted, he replied, ‘moon sambhal k bol, tu kia samajhta hai mere pass paise nahi hai? ( watch your mouth you think I don’t have money)?

Meanwhile the Brit was losing his mind, he had waited long enough, all he wanted was a glass of beer. He addressed the bartender: Listen mister before you solve their problems let me have a glass of beer, here’s the five pound note. I’m sure it’s okay.

The bartender served a glass of beer to the Brit. He turned around and yelled out to the other two. ‘Sorry guys I have nothing left to serve you, Bye!’