Daily Prompt: Flip Flop


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Think of a topic or issue about which you’ve switched your opinion. Why the change?

As humans we sometimes expect too much and on that basis we change our loyalties, it’s just what we do when something or someone displeases us. In the political arena I get frustrated when I notice a  politician, sometimes says or does things that annoys me, they visit us when they need our votes, when they get our promise they forget what they were expected to do in return.

This happens more frequently in politics than other things I mean comparatively. Sometimes it’s difficult to believe that our demands will be met. Yet we feel we have to vote. We do not want to give up our rights as a citizen.

At this moment I cannot think of a topic or issue in front of me, if there was one I certainly would think it over before I give my opinion.

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365 Written Prompts: Green-eyed monster

Write an anonymous letter to someone you are jealous of.

This is an unusual prompt. I do not think I’m jealous of anyone as far as I can recall. Even if I was why would I write an anonymous letter, it will be so childish of me.

I have read awesome poems by poets who for some reason or the other ,did not like to see their name in print. I have no problem with it.

To write a letter to someone who I’m supposedly jealous of makes no sense. Sorry this topic is not a good one!


DP Daily Prompt: Non Sequitur Post by Ranu

I was talking to my friend over the phone. She complained I don’t call her,when she calls I ask her,’How are you’. I thought fair enough,but when I get the call what else can I say,except,’How are you?’ I thought. She did not agree with me. I avoided pursuing the topic.

While in conversation with her,she gave me the news of her son’s engagement.I congratulated her. She also informed me, the wedding is in New York.I excused myself, I told her I will not be able to attend. Then she said I’ll have to go to Chicago for the reception.

Our conversation moved to my sister in law,she left me a message,in it she kept repeating, “Why aren’t you picking up the phone?” I told my friend this was the time I was in Montreal. Without skipping a beat, she said, ‘When is she expecting’?  She left me wondering what was that about? It was like the saying: “She tried to hit me with a forklift!”