Daily Prompt : Trace

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt  : Trace

A brief story of Michel Trudeau(son of former Prime Minister of Canada Pierre Elliott Trudeau)

When I saw the prompt, ‘Trace,’ I instantly thought of Michel Trudeau, son of former Prime Minister, Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

On November 13 1998, Michel went on a three day ski trip with three of his friends. Michel was pushed off the trail by an avalanche in Kokanee, Glacier Park, British Columbia, Canada. He was swept down into the cold Kokanee Lake, where he drowned. His three friends survived but he did not.

RCMP divers probed the lake after the accident, and also in Spring. Unfortunately there was no Trace of Michel.

In 2014 his older brother Justin the current Prime Minister of Canada wrote: ” A few years before his death Michel was watching a TV documentary about burial rites in Asia, when he matter-of-factly stated, ‘when it’s my turn, just leave me down at the bottom of the mountain where I lie.’ His comment proved prescient : divers would never find his body, and he is there to this day.”

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