Discover Prompts, Day 3 : Song, posted translated by ranu

When I hear the word song , it brings back memories of all the songs I heard, the singers who spent their life entertaining us. The music, the language, the rhythm, tune and so many other things.

Let me translate my favourite Hindi song: the title is ,Life

Life is a Mystery
What kind of mystery is this life?
sometimes it makes us laugh, sometimes it makes us cry,
Sometimes our mind follows the dreams without waking up
One day the traveller will go ahead of these dreams
The people who arranged this gathering,
were happy and sad
will quietly leave this world alone but where?
posted and translated by ranu

Tagore Song; dheere dheere, singer Sreya,posted and translated by Ranu

Softly, softly blow

O restless breeze.

Midnight’s flute is playing,

Quietly blow O restless breeze.

I am a tiny flame of the lamp,

Because of you, 

I fearfully stay awake alone.

Whisper quietly what is on your mind,

O restless breeze.

your string of verse,

in the forest lands,

in the corner of my house.

I have something to say,

to the early morning star.

I’d like to secretly whisper,

To you O restless breeze!

……………………………………… 🙂

Song Bengali, singer Subir Sen, posted and translated by ranu


There are so many melodies and songs I deal with daily,

I fear if these come to an end, I know you too will forget me,

Life is short, how many more sweet memories,

we will have together I do not know,

Still I am happy to find you, even though I know

some day I will lose you.

I tried my best to sing that song well,

perhaps it could not please you.

Today nothing gives me pain, I managed to forget her.

There is no guarantee in life, what we have today,

tomorrow we will lose,

I know you will forget me!



……………………………….. 🙂

I love this song !

song,singer Lata Mangeshkar, posted and translated by ranu

This is a  love story of a prince and a court dancer. They were unaware of the fact that such a match would never be approved by the king. The king threatened the young woman, but his son continued with the love affair. Finally the king took some drastic steps.

The young woman sings the song below to let her lover, the prince, know how she feels about the whole affair.

The song is sung by Lata Mangeshkar, one of the best playback singers of Bollywood. Keeping in mind it is not easy to translate into English a foreign language. I have tried to explain what the words  mean in English.

I wish I hadn’t fallen in love with you,

And hoped that our story wasn’t a reality

Had I not professed my love for you

I wouldn’t have faced the criticism of our world

I went too far with my love

I was only aware when it was disapproved by all

I wouldn’t have been surprized had I died

It would have been an act of kindness on your part,

If you could put an end to this affair

I would then have had no objection against the people!



Tagore song, singer Sagar Sen, posted and translated by Ranu

Bengali lyric

যদি     ঝড়ের মেঘের মতো আমি ধাই চঞ্চল-অন্তর
তবে    দয়া কোরো হে, দয়া কোরো হে, দয়া কোরো হে ঈশ্বর ॥
ওহে    অপাপপুরুষ, দীনহীন আমি এসেছি পাপের কূলে—
প্রভু,   দয়া কোরো হে, দয়া কোরো হে, দয়া করে লও তুলে
আমি    জলের মাঝারে বাস করি, তবু তৃষায় শুকায়ে মরি—
প্রভু,   দয়া কোরো হে, দয়া করে দাও সুধায় হৃদয় ভরি ॥

If my restless heart rushes like the storm cloud
Then take pity on me, take  pity on me, O Lord.
O Lord, poor and lowly I have come to the land of sin-
O Lord, take pity on me and kindly save me
My abode is surrounded by  water,
 still I'm dying of thirst-
O lord, take pity on me,
 kindly fill my heart with sweetness.