Daily Prompt : Tremble

In response to daily post’s prompt : Tremble

Three little children, each five years old were playing in their neighborhood. They were friends who lived in the same area. They were Tom, Suzy and Sam.

While playing Sam saw something shining on the ground, he told his friends he’d see what it was. When he went close to this thing, he heard a whisper, “hi Sam,” it said, ‘can you please come closer. I want to give you something?’

He was a little boy, who never heard someone invisible  talking to him, he had no idea what it was. He froze in fear on the very spot, suddenly he started trembling and could barely speak loud enough to call his friends.

Suzy and Tom went looking for him, when they found him they noticed Sam was shaking and tears were coming down his cheeks. Suzy asked, ‘Sam what’s wrong?’

Sam was only able to say, ‘Invisible,’    then  fainted and fell on the ground.

Suzy rushed home to get her Mom, who  was busy preparing dinner.  As soon as she saw her Mom, she started shivering and could only utter the words, ‘it’s Sam Mom,’ and could say no more!

Taal Gaach, The Palmyra Tree by Tagore Translation by Ranu

Palmyra Toddy

Palmyra Toddy (Photo credit: lakpuratravels)

Palmyra tree       standing on one leg

surpassing  trees

peeks at the sky.

Its desire            to pierce through the black clouds,

fly away__

where will it find  wings.

This is why       on top of its head

in its round leaves

it gets its wish

it thinks           these are  wings,

it’s not prohibited to fly

leaving its home.

All day              tottering sound is heard

the leaves tremble,

it thinks it’s flying_

it feels           it will  travel  the sky

avoid the stars

as if  going somewhere.

Afterwards    when the breeze comes to a halt,

the leaves stop trembling,

it comes back to reality__

the earth is its mother,

feels good once again

to see      the corner of the universe.!