DP Daily Prompts: Clone Wars

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If you could clone yourself, how would you split up your responsibilities?

My problem with cloning is,which part of me do I dislike. If I could discern that I’ll most certainly give the responsibilities of going out to do chores to the part that gives me more trouble. But I know it won’t work there isn’t a part of me that gives me trouble, we work together quite smoothly, giving too much work to one part and not enough to other  will cause a lot of bad feeling  as a result cloning won’t work for me.

I am really not in favor of cloning myself. I already split my responsibilities, the work that requires thinking I let my brain handle it. The arms and legs do their part. the eyes always wave the caution signal, and the nose does its job of smell.

I am afraid I do not like to split myself, everything is working fine!


DP Daily Prompt: The Full Moon Post by Ranu

‘The Full Moon and Me’

I do not change regardless of what kind of moon presents itself. I can make this into a fairy tale. Right now my imagination is taking a break, because of all the times I have taken to use it. Take for example my time in Montreal,I put it through the ringer trying to investigate,what I must do see eat buy . It has co-operated with me for every selfish demands of mine. Now it’s time for it to say,” You know what,slow down dear or I will forever boycott you”, can you fathom how much trouble I am in? Please excuse me this time!