Song by Tagore, translated by ranu

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1 year agoএবার   নীরব করে দাও হে তোমার মুখর কবিরে। তার হৃদয়-বাঁশি আপনি কেড়ে বাজাও গভীরে॥ নিশীথ রাতের নিবিড় সুরে     বাঁশিতে তান দাও হে পুরে যে তান দিয়ে অবাক কর’ গ্রহশশীরে॥ নিশীথ রাতের নিবিড় সুরে    ……(২) এবার   নীরব করে দাও হে…. যা-কিছু মোর ছড়িয়ে আছে জীবন-মরণে, গানের টানে মিলুক এসে তোমার চরণে। বহুদিনের বাক্যরাশি      এক নিমেষে যাবে ভাসি– একলা বসে শুনব বাঁশি অকূল তিমিরে॥ এবার   নীরব করে দাও হে….. রাগ: দরবারী কানাড়া তাল: ত্রিতাল

Silence the poet

It’s time to silence your talkative poet, O Lord,

Grab his flute and play deep into his heart.

Fill it with midnight’s deep tune,

The tune by which you amaze the moon.

Whatever I own in life and death,

Let the attraction of the song unite it,

To grace your feet.

Days of my speech will drift away,

in a moment.

I will sit alone and listen to the flute,

In a shoreless gloom.

Tagore song translated and posted by ranu

I will not call, I will not call,

I will not call this way from outside.

If I can I will let my

Heart send the message.

The pain of longing rings at the bottom of my heart,

I know not where to find the one.

Who will unite the giver and receiver?

Will our pain be similar?

Will the Ganges river

Mix  with the dark

waters of the Jumna?

Will my pain unite with the one?

A tune sounded

It  came on its  own

At the time of leaving

It promised to be back.

I will not call, I will not call

I will not call this way from outside.

If I can I will let my

Heart send the message!

……………………………….. 🙂

A song: tum ko dekha toh yeh khayal aya posted and translated by Ranu

When I see you my thought tells me,

Life is sunshine , you are thick shadow.

Today my heart has made a wish again,

I explain to my heart yet again.

Life is sunshine, you are thick shadow.

When you leave I will think,

What did I lose , what did I find?

When I see you, my thought tells me,

Life is sunshine, you are thick shadow.

The tune that I find so difficult to hum,

Why did   Time sing that kind of song!


Tagore song: anek diner amaar je gaan

When my long ago song

comes back to me

I ask what kind of wind

makes it roam around repeatedly

The flower that left everything behind

Where did it find its scent

Where hope is lost

By which tune were you   able to awaken it?

The one who  lost its dwelling place

Your tune became its residence

One whose parting has no end

Your tune gives it the language of union

One whose tears are dried

Your tune brings it tears

You are the vehicle of its forgotten days

In the language of dreams in the distant skies!









Farewell By R.Tagore__ translated by Ranu

English: Pooja room in an Indian home

English: Pooja room in an Indian home (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am leaving my dear Mom I am leaving.

Early in the morning when you notice your empty lap and call Khoka

I will say,’that Khoka is not here’.

My dear mother, I am leaving.

I will mix with the air I will go ,Mother I will ride on your chest__

You cannot catch me with your hand.

I will be a wave in the water dear mother____no one will know me,

During the bath I will play with you.

When droplets of rain fall from the cloud you will think of me at night in your bed,

I will sing the song of drip drop in the forest.

From the clouds I will flash a light into your window to see you,

will you remember my laughter?

If you stay up late at night for Khoka my dear mother

I will come in the guise of a star and tell you ‘sleep’.

After you fall asleep  I will enter your room as the moonlight,

I will leave a kiss in your eyes.

I will become a dream and I will come to see  mother,

I will go in the middle of your sleep.

You will wake up in false hope   you will feel the side of your bed,

who knows where I will vanish.

At the time of Pooja celebration   the boys will roam around and play in the courtyard,

tell them ‘Khoka is not in the house’.

Then I will become the  tune of the flute and move around in the sky.

I will come back with you and you will feel my presence in all your work.

When auntie comes with the clothes for Pooja  and she asks you

‘where did your Khoka go’,

tell her ‘Khoka , he cannot be lost___he is here, a star in my eyes,

he is united with me on my chest and on my lap’.