Tagore song posted and translated by Ranu

Far from the village

the red muddy path

has won my heart.

It is enticing   me

to follow it.

It asks me humbly to come

outside my house

Ah me!

What can I do?

I have become a wayfarer,

Where will it take me,

On which turn will

it show me the riches,

Where will I be stranded,

Where will my journey end?

I am confused!


Hemant kumar’s song Post and translation by Ranu

The precise turn is twisted,

this world is turning around

and changing into so many colors

with every beat.

Sometimes its tawny,sometimes green,

sometimes it’s reasonable,at other times stubborn.

Their affection is reciprocal one moment,

next  moment  they  dump it.

It’s a puzzle that’s why it’s twisted.

this merry-go-round

makes you cry and forget.

It’s white at times and black  next,

It’s sometimes evil,and sometimes good.

In life’s gamble if you win you are brave,

you are the biggest fool if you lose.

You are unfortunate,

and that is why it’s open sesame!