365 Writing Prompt: A mystery wrapped in enigma

Tell us something most people probably don’t know about you.

There is nothing mysterious about me,I am no different from anyone out there. As a child growing up I was only interested in playing with my siblings. Studying hard was not in my repertoire. As long as I could get through I was happy. Who got more marks than me was never my fear.

I did notice my teachers and one of my siblings thought I could do much better in my school work if I put in a little more work.

I used to finish three hour exams in an hour. I remember the principal in my college once said, ” You know what your problem is you finish your your exams too quickly.”

This little advice to me went in one ear and came out the other, it made no impact on me.

Once my first cousin’s husband told me I’d never be as good as my sister. He was one of those people I disliked, I always ignored him.

I was sailing along the journey of life, never caring who said what, until I was in post graduate class. I woke up from my long slumber and realized I’d have to do well in this, which meant I must work hard, the moment this realization hit me I was a different person, I went to the library daily, I studied, I wasted no time playing or in idle talk.

I surprised everyone including my siblings.

I had very few friends, I was never interested to have many friends.The ones I had were my friends forever.

I loved reading novels I still do.

I love blogging, it gives me an opportunity to read the post of other bloggers. Besides blogging, I enjoy  cooking a variety of foods.

In my spare time I watch TV it helps me relax. These days the Wimbledon tennis championships are shown on TV, I’m having a great time watching them.

This is all I can think of writing about me. ūüôā

…………………………………………. ūüôā

Writing 101 Day Seven: Give and Take

Today’s prompt: Write a post based on the contrast between two things–whether people, objects, emotions,places or something else.

Today’s twist: Write your post in the form of a dialogue.

There was a hot debate going on between Selfish and Selfless. Each told the other  it was better, I could not help listening in  to their debate.

“I have learned from experience it’s not worth helping anyone, I’m happy taking care of myself,” Said Selfish.

“Aren’t you ashamed of yourself admitting this hideous behavior, what exactly is the privilege ¬†you gain by being like this?” Said Selfless.

“Privilege?” ¬†“well for starters, I do not have to share anything with anyone, I live in this huge mansion, my servants are instructed not to ¬†let anyone in.”Said Selfish.

“And this is how you plan to live your life, what happens when you are sick, no one will come to help you?” Said Selfless.

” I do not need anyone, I have all the medication I need with books to help me what to take when.” Said selfish.

“Oh give me a break, if books and medicine is all you need, why do we have physicians, they prescribe the medicine and tell you to use them with instructions?” Said Selfless.

“I don’t need a physician, I have a state of the art TV, I can switch to any channel and get my instructions from there , I do not ¬†have to go to a physician” Said Selfish.

The discussion was heating up Selfish felt a pain in his chest, he didn’t know what brought it about, he lay down in the nearest couch, he was breathing hard, his servant came running to see what ¬†his master wanted, but the master was having severe pains, therefore he could not find out what he must do.

He ran to Selfless and pleaded with him: “Please sir,” he said, “can you tell me what I must do?”

“Call an ambulance, take him to the nearest hospital.” was his reply.



DP Daily Prompt: Breaking the Ice

pad2014-s.png (308√ó60)

The internet has been swept up by the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Is there a cause–social,political,cultural, or other– you passionately believe in? Tell us how you got involved or why you don’t get involved.

I’m sure social, cultural, political or any other noise was always there, it was not felt as much as they do now, the internet, TV videos are helping people to get carried away these days.

Maybe we have too many mediums to make ourselves heard,to take advantage of it. At the end of the day when all who are involved take an account of what they have accomplished might find out their involvement did not make that much difference.

I always disliked politics, the politicians never tell the truth, they will visit you before the election, once elected they fail to recognize you. I always stay away from politics.

As far as being social, I’ve tried to be one, but quickly found out you have to act and react a certain way to be welcomed by the group, I’ve therefore realized I must stay aloof.

I have yet to find out the meaning of cultural, it is defined differently by whoever according to their convenience. I refuse to join with the snobs, it therefore leaves me with nothing and I am okay with it.

: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/08/20/dp-daily-promp…eaking-the-ice

DP Daily Prompt: Write Here, Write Now

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I am trying to write this post in the  present tense. When I am restricted to write a certain way. I feel trapped. Let me see if this will work out for me.

I am sitting in front of my computer. I’m trying to think what I can write. I know . I see my books are lying helter -skelter. They are earnestly begging me to tidy them up. I’m telling them, “right now I’m doing something ¬†else so leave me alone fussy books.” ¬†They are making so much noise my eardrums will explode.

I am going to the kitchen to see if I can get something to eat. Look at my fridge,isn’t it pathetic there is nothing I see here I can eat.

I am going to my living room to watch TV. I’m turning it on, “jeepers there is nothing good.” ¬†They are saying it can start snowing any minute. I don’t want to know about snow.

I am going back to my room. ¬†Hey I am reading this book about, publishing a novel in nine months. I’m not sure I can write one in nine years. It’s only me and I am incapable of doing anything good.

Here’s a question for you my friends,”Can you write a novel in nine months?”

“Yes we can they are saying.”

I’m so disappointed I’m the only who cannot .

Goodbye my Friends. Todays prompt is not easy!!


DP Daily Prompt: Sink or Swim Ranu’s post https://sabethville.wordpress.com

English: Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Rider...

English: Royal Canadian Mounted Police – Rider’s Uniforms (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Six months after I got married,I received my passport,ticket and the necessary papers sent by my husband. I arrived in Montreal in August. I looked for a teaching job.I found out new teachers are hired in June. My husband was a Physician and I was unemployed. I made the most of my free time scoping around the neighborhood.

One day I went out to buy some groceries in the nearby super market, I bought the usual and came home. Our apartment was on the third floor. I climbed the stairs and noticed two tall figures standing in front of our apartment. I could not see clearly who they were,the stairway was dark. I was frightened,I gathered myself and said, “Can I help you”? Both of them took out their ID and held it up for me to see. They were RCMP (royal Canadian mounted police) officers. I was trying to think what could I possibly have done in such a short time?

I opened the door and invited them in,wondering at the same time, why are they here. They told me they want to ask me some questions. I agreed to answer, whatever I know. When was I married,my arrival date,and all sorts of personal questions. Their main concern was when did I buy the television. ‘I don’t know’ I said,’ it was bought by my husband before I came to Montreal’. Then there were questions about my husband,his date of birth and so on when they asked me about his date of birth. I said,’I don’t know’. At that point the look they gave me seemed they did not believe me. One of them said, ‘You don’t know your husband’s date of birth’? ‘No’ I repeated. One of them could not hide his feeling,he blurted out,’Strange’.

Realizing they have no clue about our culture, I told them mine was an arranged marriage, therefore I did not see him or talk to him before I got married. I am not sure what they understood,they had a piece of paper, one of them wrote something and handed to me.I was supposed to give it to my husband,when he returns.

My husband bought a TV from Platsburgh,near Montreal. When the new TV gave him trouble,he took it to the repairman to get it fixed. The repairman found out by its serial number it was bought in the States,I am guessing the rest alerted the RCMP,who in turn came to find out if the required taxes were paid. They did not harass me,asked me questions I could not answer,I wasn’t there when the TV was bought.