DP Daily Prompts: In Transit

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Train stations,airport terminals,subway stops:soulless spaces full of distracted, stressed zombies,magical sets for fleeting interlocking human stories.

I had quite a memorable day today,I woke up at 3.30 in the morning, took a shower,it was cold wet day,the fact I have to travel today wasn’t so exciting. I had my breakfast, called a cab my daughter and I took our baggage, boarded the cab on our way to the airport,you’d think there won’t be too many passengers this early in the morning you’re wrong we had a lot of them,we were taking advantage of the low fare.

There we were standing in line to get into the lounge, not so fast they said we must see what you’re taking with you. We checked in without any problem. There was one stop before Montreal.

We landed at Halifax airport, we had to leave the aircraft and go to the lounge,I thought we’d have to board another aircraft, but that was not the case, while I was panicking  they wouldn’t be able to transfer our luggage on to the next aircraft in fifteen minutes, my daughter said very calmly, “no Mom we’ll go in the same plane, they do this all the time i.e., get the passengers out of the aircraft, and in fifteen minutes tell them to board the same aircraft.”

It didn’t make sense to me, the only difference was we sat in different seats in the same aircraft.I have traveled before, we always had to take another plane,   what’s the use of complaining this is the normal procedure so I must ,”Grin and bear it.”

Did I have time to look around to see how other passengers were coping, I didn’t, I only saw a passenger traveling with her husband and newborn twins,those adorable twins hadn’t a care in the world,they were busy drinking milk from the bottle.

Finally from Halifax we took off on our way to Montreal, In an hour and twenty minutes we landed, then there was a rush to get to the baggage section to retrieve our suitcases.  We hired a cab and came to the house we rented.

It was sunny when we landed now it is cloudy and I see drops of rain falling.I told myself thank God it’s not snowing!



The Twins

Lillie McFerrin Writes

Lily and Lana were twins, they were not like your average twins,each one had a different set of values they were raised by their parents, their  mom taught from their infancy about the do’s and don’ts of life.

It was peculiar to note, Lana who was a few minutes older, was so considerate and helpful, while Lily gave no importance to those attributes they carried no importance to her, she had a very queer personality. She did not like any of her sister’s friends, in her opinion they were not worth hanging out with.

As days went by the sisters drifted apart, their parents tried to figure out what went wrong, it seemed it was a puzzle they could not solve.

Then one day something happened, which seemed like magic to the parents and Lana, Lilly came home with gifts for everyone and they were expensive, she hugged her sister and her parents and continued to apologize for her unacceptable behavior, Mom stood in the corner and thought, “Wow she really is unpredictable!”