DP Daily Prompt: Singular sensation Post by Ranu

One experience or life change results from writing my blog,what will I like it to be.

When I joined the blogger’s club,I had no idea what sort of experience I will have.I wasn’t even thinking of achieving anything. I picked up a variety of topics to write about. I wrote stories,translations of poetry by Tagore,I did a few book reports. Then came the daily posts,where we are given a certain topic to write about. At the moment this is what I do daily.

Ultimately my aim is to be proficient enough to write a meaningful novel.One that readers will enjoy. I am preparing myself to be able to do it gradually.I try to read as many books as  I can. I know I can develop my own style if I put in the time to do so.

Writing is helping me. There was a time not long ago,when I was unable to think ,how I should write anything.I notice it is coming together slowly.I hope my experience of writing will help me. Right now this is what I am thinking.