I wasn’t sure about the title. I used it because it tells about things we learn about people. When I was eleven our father took us to Bangladesh. Our journey was a long one, in those days airplanes were not that fast.

We travelled from Rawalpindi to Lahore. The airplane from Lahore to Dhaka was larger. We had to put cotton wool in our ears to minimize the terrible sound of the aircraft.

We arrived after it seemed hours. Waiting to receive us were our maternal uncles and my father’s younger brother. All these people were overjoyed to see us I presumed.

We had a good time in the city of Dhaka. It was not where we spent two months of our vacation from school.

Our final destination was our grandparent’s home in a village named Cheora. We had an unbelievably good time. Here we met our uncles who were not at the airport, and our cousins who we met for the first time.

We took back great memories of our visit, I for one could not wait to tell my school friends in Rawalpindi about our newly found cousins.

All our excitement did not last too long. A year later our fate took a sad turn, Dad died, Mom did not want to stay in Rawalpindi, she missed her siblings. My eldest brother made arrangements to go back to Bangladesh for good. After a year and a half we were on our way back to my Mom’s long lost Bangladesh.

We arrived at the same Dhaka Airport. This time all those smiley uncles were absent. Why did we suddenly fail to make them happy? ‘A quiet voice made me aware your Dad was the attraction not you!’

I must mention my mother’s cousin was present, he really loved us I was certain. His name was Ali, I always liked teasing him, when we met him the first time. When I saw him this time, I exclaimed, ‘look Mom, Ali Baba Chalis Chor.'( Ali Baba and the forty thieves). Mom with a grin on her face said, ‘do not say this badtamiz(ill-mannered) he is your uncle.

My sweet uncle said, ‘she’s only having a good time, it’s all-right!

…………………………………………….. ūüôā

365 days Writing Prompt: Island of misfit posts

We all have something we’d like to write about ,but that doesn’t really “Fit” our blog. Write it anyway.

I am not sure exactly what I am supposed to write for this prompt. I do not make friends easily, it takes me a while to warm up to anyone, I’m much better now, but as a young child I had a problem making friends because I had a lot of siblings I could play with, but when I needed to be on my ¬† own it wasn’t a problem either. We did our own thing. In school I liked to play with kids younger who were only interested to play and nothing else.

Kids my age talked about things which never interested me. I had one or two friends my age, only because they were not nosy. 

My friends talked about their extended family which was completely foreign to me. I was at times fascinated by their mention of cousins,aunts and uncles, I never knew I had. I remember asking my mom if I had aunts and uncles, I was happy to know I did, why don’t I see them was my next question. My mother explained because we are living far away from them, it was not possible to meet them.

My opportunity came when we all visited Bangladesh, I saw my uncles and aunts and cousins, I was delighted at the thought that I too would be able to go back and tell my friends about my uncles,aunts and cousins.

After my father passed away we came to Bangladesh to stay. I completed my high school exam privately as the local schools taught everything¬†in Bengali, I knew the language but I wasn’t advanced in the subject to do my work in that medium. I studied in a convent where the medium of instruction was English.

In college I found the girls unfriendly, they treated me as if I arrived from a different planet. I spoke the local language without any effort. I didn’t try to speak English, only when we had English Language class. I did better than them because of my exposure to it was far earlier than them.

I felt some cold shoulders around me, it didn’t bother me I thought if they are happy to treat me like that I’m happy to stay by myself, it was only so many hours I’d be in school after that I’d be with my family, so these few hours is okay, I came to learn and there would be no damage to it no matter how the girls behaved.

I survived and will continue to do so regardless of how I’m treated!



DP Daily Prompt:All it’s cracked up to Be

I wasn’t very optimistic about myself from a young age. I suppose losing a father at age twelve does that to some. I was the striking example of that.

To me hope was a far fetched thing. I’d try for things and always thought the outcome would be negative. I tried all the same with the idea I have nothing to lose. I won’t get what I want. I didn’t have any uncle or someone important who’d try to get me what I want. I did have uncles who could do it , but they told me from the start I’m on my own. No one helped them, this was the kind of attitude they had. I always stayed quiet and tried to achieve what I wanted.

I did have success in education. I’d try to study in a certain place ,with that intent I applied,I made sure no one knew it. I was truly surprised when I was successful.

When I was fourteen I wanted to study in England. I knew it was expensive. There was no one in my family who could bear the expenses. I thought about it frequently.

I took each day as it came.I never had too many high hopes for me. I went every year of studies wishing to continue the next and the next. ¬†To my pleasant surprise I successfully completed my masters degree. ¬†I then applied for admission in B.Ed., I was accepted but I didn’t like the place. I went back to Dhaka . I was disappointed I’d have to study in a place I didn’t like.

I found an Ad. in the newspaper about some scholarship offered by Punjab University. I applied but wasn’t sure I’d get it. It was not until then did I see a light at the end of the tunnel. I received a letter of interview on a certain day.I know an interview doesn’t mean anything is granted, but to be selected for one was awesome.

The interviewers were pleasant, they asked me a few questions. A few days later I received a letter I was awarded the scholarship.

I completed the degree and took a job in a school. I disliked the environment. The principal continuously yelled at the teachers, right in front of the kids. I was new and thought that’s it I am going to quit. Ten days later I submitted my resignation letter, it was not accepted. I had to teach for two years and three months , the thought of studying in England was still fresh on my mind. I saw another Ad. in the newspaper about British Council , offering scholarships to study in England. I jumped at the idea and applied for it. Then I thought there will be thousands of applicants for this opportunity to go to England. I didn’t think I’d be selected for an interview. To my dismay I got a letter of the interview date. They ¬†informed my school principal. He was not pleased he said,” You shouldn’t have applied.”

I told him, “it doesn’t mean I’d get the scholarship.”

I was surprised when he said,”yes you will.”

I got the scholarship and was happy my childhood dream was fulfilled!