365 Writing Prompts: Forgive and forget

Share a story where it was difficult to forgive the perpetrator for wrongdoing you, but did it— you forgave them.

This is one of those prompts where I have to admit I did not and cannot forgive the perpetrator. It left a lasting impression in my heart.

When you sincerely help someone and find out she’s been lying about you to anyone who’d listen, it’s very difficult or impossible to forgive them.

This is what happened in my case, let me use as much detail as I can possibly write. They “say blood is thicker than water,”

It is not true in my case, I had this person in my home for a number of years, when I went to work she took advantage by making collect calls to my other relatives, she complained I was starving her, making her work like a maid, she did not hesitate to write to my mother as well.

The sad part is everyone believed her including my mother. No one asked me if I was really treating her this way.

I knew she was unhappy I wanted to send her back home, my husband did not agree. There were a lot more things she did I do not want to write everything, I’m happy I won’t see her again, but forgiveness is out of question!

: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/12/20/365-writing-pr…ive-and-forge

Do din ki zindagi mein dukhre hain beshumar “In this short life there are many unhappy people translation and post by Ranu

Enjoy Life Foods

Enjoy Life Foods (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are countless unhappy people in this life,

Despite it,life belongs to those who can enjoy it.

The stars will appear once again

and the moon will shine.

The deserted garden will come alive

with the arrival of spring.

Sunshine and shadow are the

facts of life.

The ones who can endure it,

life belongs to them.

Your loss today will be followed

by gain tomorrow.

Each breath tells you repeatedly

life belongs to those who enjoy it.

There are many excuses

to want to die,

but there is only one to live.

In the strings of hope

the heart plays the tune

this life is for those who enjoy it!

Translated by Ranu

DP Daily Post: The Road Less Travelled Post By Ranu

I got a job in a Residential Model School forty miles from Rawalpindi. When I applied for the job,I was not sure I will get it. I was the first one called for the interview. There were five or six other candidates,who applied for the same  job. In the interview the Head Mistress of the school,showed a lot of interest. She told me about the school,she said she would like me to take the job.

The problem I faced then was the distance. The school was too far away.I did not give my word and asked her to let me think.I consulted my older sister. She did not think it was a good idea.I informed the Head Mistress of my problem. She took it well.The following year she wrote and offered me the job again. This time I told her it was not possible for me to live that far from home.

If I had taken the job,I do not think I would continue more than six months. I would be homesick,and would be a nuisance for the staff.I am glad I made that decision,or else I would be a very unhappy person!