DP Daily Prompt: Something So Strong

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My best friend Mini was born and raised in Kolkata. She completed her undergraduate degree from kolkata university. Her parents sent her to Dhaka,Bangladesh for further studies. She took admission in Dhaka university to study M.A in History. She dropped a year because she felt she was not ready to do her exam. She registered again hoping to do better.

Fresh from completing my under graduate degree I registered in Dhaka university to study History. This is where I met her. She came from a wealthy family, which is why I kept my distance. I had a preconceived notion that rich young people are too conceited to make friends with ones who are not as wealthy as them. I kept that firm belief and was not eager to extend my hand in friendship.

I was in my own world studying, going to the library taking notes, coming back in the residence to read my notes. Mini never showed any enthusiasm to study. She was my classmate,I was happy to leave it at that.

One day out of the blue moon she asked me if she could go to the library with me. I agreed ,she came along with me, I did what I always do, took out some of the books to read and write my notes. I opened one of my books, she stopped me in the middle,she said she had something to discuss with me.

I was curious, I stopped and asked her to go ahead. The words that came out of her mouth surprised me. She said she and my other classmate were talking about me, she said, “Why is this girl so proud, who does she think she is?”

In reply I said,”What made you think I am conceited?”

She came to this conclusion because I hardly spoke. “I am always  quiet in the middle of strangers, I am shy and most of the time I have nothing to say.”

I don’t know if this information about me was enough for her to know I am quiet if I don’t know a person.

As the days and months were passing by we talked more to each other and became friends. She finally told me why she chose to stay in the residence.

She fell in love with a Prof.in the university, her older sister was not supportive, mainly because the guy was not trustworthy. Mini moved out of her sister’s house to the residence so she could see the Prof. Here she was uncomfortable knowing some of the girls open other students’ mail. She asked me if that were the case. I had no idea I hardly got any mail except when my brother sent me my tuition fees.

Mini was concerned, I asked her was there anyone she knew where her mail would come could be delivered, she said she had a friend whose younger sister was a student in the university. It worked out fine.

Mini became my best friend, she took me to her sisters’ homes, her family knew me and liked me. I went to study B.ed., in a different university, while I was away her relationship with the  Prof. ended. She was miserable for a while.

She found a very nice man, whom she  married. I attended her wedding. She was very helpful to me she always sent her driver to pick me up if I needed to go somewhere.

Although we do not write to each other, we continue to be good friends. Yes our friendship is solid,we understand each other and will stay that way no matter how far away we live from each other!


DP Daily Prompt: Tainted Love

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Yes I know a friend who was unceremoniously dumped. She had no idea it was coming.

She was my classmate who became a friend when we were studying in the university. She met him when she was visiting her cousin, the guy befriended my friend’s niece. He found out all about her from the niece,who was overly anxious to tell him, her aunt’s name and all the rest of it.

This part is hazy because I really am not sure how the two got interested in each other. Let’s assume he sent her a note, she reciprocated. This was the beginning.

This went on for a while ,her elder sister knew about this guy. She vehemently opposed her seeing him.  My friend decided to  move into  the residence to avoid interference by her sister.

One day she asked me whether the students in the university open other students’ mail. I had no idea because I didn’t receive mail from home,and never checked the mailbox either.

This question aroused my curiosity, I smiled and said, “Do you expect mail that you don’t want anyone to open?”

She had to confide in me. She told me about her boyfriend and her sister’s unwanted advice. I found out he was a prof. in the university. Lot of female students were interested in him. He was a brilliant student and also very handsome. Which explained why all these other females were anxious to know about him. Their love affair continued, I completed my degree and left to study for my education degree in another university. During this time I heard nothing from her and I was also busy with my studies.

After completing my degree I came back to Dhaka, one day I met her sister in the shopping mall, she stopped me and said,”I want to tell you something about Nina.”

Nina and her boyfriend decided to get married, since she was the youngest daughter and the rest were married, her parents were planning an elaborate wedding, wedding cards were printed and distributed.

A week before the ceremony was to take place, Nina received a letter from her fiance, explaining how he was unable to marry her, because while in training he met another woman, he felt he had to marry the other woman because he wrote, “it would be a greater sin if he didn’t marry her.”

Talk about unceremoniously dumped, I haven’t  heard anything that can top this . She was informed by several people what was happening. Nina chose not to believe them and  thought they were trying to break the relationship.


DP Daily Prompt: Ballerina Fireman Astronaut Movie Star Post by Ranu

When I was ten,I wanted to be none of the above. I did not dream of becoming anything. I was a kid.I loved to play with my siblings at home and my friends in school. You can say my dreams were all about having a good time. During the holidays,I spent time walking around the neighborhood, and playing in the park close by . This was how I spent my early childhood.

Then came the most tragic day of my life.I lost my father,I was twelve years old. Becoming anybody was far away from my thoughts. We left our cozy and comfortable home,and embarked on a journey to a place,which was entirely strange to us. It took us a while to get used to it.

Then came the ordeal of finding a school, to suit my needs. Things started to fall in place.I finished high school. I studied in the local college for two years.I was discontented. I showed it in no uncertain terms. My wish was granted.I took admission in a college,run by American Nuns.

I completed my undergraduate degree successfully.Then it was time to think of trying my luck in the university. I had a mind to study Economics,I couldn’t. My dictator sister gave me all the reasons why It is a bad idea. I ended up studying History. Suddenly I started thinking of a teaching profession. I began working towards achieving this goal.

I completed my Master’s degree. I was becoming ambitious to earn an education degree. I was successful. Despite the fact I had six older siblings, I got no help from them regarding my career.I did the thinking on my own. Whether my decision was right or wrong I could not tell.As time went on I got a teaching job. I loved the kids I taught. I was happy I chose to teach young children.

I became a teacher.I loved every moment of it. I did not decide at age 10, which direction I should take. I do not regret my decision to be a teacher.

DP Daily Prompt: Success Post by Ranu


London (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

I was not a very confident person from my childhood. I lost my father when I was twelve .We moved to my mother’s homeland.I’m calling it my mother’s, I could not quite understand the difference then. I tried to get admission in an English medium school ,I was unable ,they had up to a certain grade,I was past it. My brother hired a private tutor for me, I did not like the arrangement,I said I could do without one. I studied at home,my big sister gave up, to her I wasn’t spending  much time studying. She regularly gave me assignments which I finished in a few minutes. My elder brother and sister assumed,I was not the material for higher studies,therefore they’ll marry me off to some farmer, where I would be a proper fit.I’d be able to tend his cattle and what have you. It hardly scared me,yes my father passed away at a very young age and it put me in the mercy of my siblings. I did not devote time for studies any longer than usual. In my mind I knew God will not be unfair with me.

I finished school exams privately. I finished college and university successfully. My siblings’ desire to marry me off to a farmer  did not materialize. Then came the challenge,I had applied for a scholarship to study B.Ed. I was never serious in my studies,but pulled through successfully. Applying for a scholarship was indeed a bold attempt on my part. I always gave myself a chance.It certainly did not mean I’d get it. The arrival of the man in uniform gave me hope, it meant I have an interview.Delighted I went for the interview,the way they were asking questions gave me confidence they like me. Surprise,surprise dear siblings ,I got the scholarship.

The next step was two years later I applied for another scholarship to study in London, England. I did not tell my brother or the big sister.I knew they’d make fun of me. Amazingly enough I was selected for an interview,this time I was terrified,all these big shots would ask me questions and my confidence level was an all time low. One of the things I did was not to look at any one of them  There were seven of them,I never saw them in my life. I thought perhaps they were thinking I am a crazy fool to apply for this particular scholarship. My motto was how will I know how capable they think I am if I do not make an effort to prove myself. So these were the two occasions when I tasted success and I was delighted. I didn’t think I stood a chance, but it seems I was an all right candidate.

When I look back I am happy that I didn’t exert too much pressure on myself. Everything turned out well for me,the best part is my brother wasn’t able to marry me off to some farmer to look after his cattle and sheep!

DP Daily Prompt:Your Time To Shine….post by ranu

Early Bird or Night Owl:   I am an early bird.I cannot stay up past ten o clock at night. Every day I wake up by 5:30 in the morning. Sometimes a bit earlier. This is a habit I have from a very early age. When I get up early morning there are a whole slew of things I can accomplish.  My brain works better .I can comprehend a lot faster.

Once my roommate said by going to bed early I am at a disadvantage compared to my other classmates. They study till two in the morning ,they are getting a lot done she said. I tried it for me and at a very poor time. I had my final year exams in the university. I chose to stay up till 1:30 am. When I went to do the exam,I felt sick.I almost thought I will never make it. I gathered all of my will power and promised myself it would be the last time I’ll do such a thing. I was lucky I passed.

So I’m an early bird and doing quite well maintaining it.

DP Daily Prompt: Plagiarize yourself Posted by Ranu

This Daily Prompt was about our comments we wrote,while we were visiting different blogs.I took this one from ,”I’m Afraid Of The Dark”  I enjoyed writing my comment for this one. To make it interesting I have copied her title “All Grown Up” and her conversation with Peter Pan:

Blogger: “I’m Afraid Of The Dark” Post Title : All Grown Up

Peter Pan (1988 film)

Peter Pan (1988 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One second…I’m on the phone to Peter Pan and he wants to make me a Lost Girl.

Oh ,sorry?When was the first time I feel like a grown up? Maturity? What’s that?!

I haven’t grown up and I don’t think I will for a while.I’m a teenager and the idea of being twenty and then thirty(and so on…)freaks me out.I’ll be in the university soon and then I’ll have a job.What if everything goes wrong before then and I fail all my exams? I have to go and hyperventilate into a paper bag.

I came by and wrote my comment.

Ranu: Interesting! I mean very.You are too young to feel grown up.Some do even at twelve. Mark my word ‘some’.There isn’t a whole lot. So you my dear are in a very safe territory. Do not worry about the ripe old age of twenty.Think about it this way,there are three hundred sixty five days in a year,multiply it by five and it is ,one thousand eight-hundred and twenty five days,and do not forget the measly one day, because there has to be a leap year.So it is quite a mouthful.You are a long way away,so please do not worry. I enjoyed this post,thank you.

Reply: I’m Afraid Of The Dark: Thank you. I love reading your comments. Those statistics made me feel less like time is flying past. Thank you again for taking time to read my blog.

DP Daily Prompt: Escape By Ranu

Tropical Storm :       In Bangladesh every year we have devastating storms which are called cyclones.One year my classmate and I got stuck in the university. The storm started all of a sudden.We were very nervous ,we did not want to stay in the university building,the only available transport for us was the Rickshaw.We knew it was impossible for the rickshaw driver,to take any passengers.The wind was blowing at about seventy miles per hour. We suddenly made up our mind to walk and started walking,we would walk a few yards,then  had to stop because of frequent gusts of wind made it difficult to carry on.I cannot remember,how far we were from our residence.Luckily a car stopped by the roadside, to give us a ride,it so happened he was a male driver.We decided to continue walking.He honked and was calling us,we still ignored him,then I saw a woman,she opened the window, smiled and called us. Although we were not certain, we decided to take the offer. The man was furious he said, ‘You should not take a chance like this’. We were dropped off at our residence. It was one escape I will always remember. Also the good Samaritan who went out of his way to help us.

Three tropical cyclones at different stages of...

Three tropical cyclones at different stages of development. The weakest (left) demonstrates only the most basic circular shape. A stronger storm (top right) demonstrates spiral banding and increased centralization, while the strongest (lower right) has developed an eye. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)