DP Daily Prompt: Linger

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I always want the summer holidays to linger, the days are longer, we can walk everywhere visit friends and also take trips to the mainland. It is an opportunity to buy clothes that are different from anyone else in the city. Things are cheaper.

We have fun cooking outdoors,invite our neighbors for a meal,we are not forced to go to bed early because the next day is work day.

Summer holidays are the best,the weather is suitable for all the fun activities, the fear of bad weather like a snowstorm,rain or freezing rain does not ruin our day.

We can also plant vegetables and annual flowers which look gorgeous. 

This is the reason why I want summer to last forever.


DP Daily Prompt: I Was Here

A chart showing the two handed manual alphabet...

A chart showing the two handed manual alphabet as used in British Sign Language, Australia Sign Language and New Zealand Sign Language (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To my fellow Astronauts: ‘I have arrived on this planet a few days ago. It is uncharted. There are no maps or other ways to know about this planet. I consider myself lucky to have arrived here  first.

There are a lot of things I don’t know. I am not sure if there are any living things here. I find the air very clean. Pollution is an unknown word here.

Wait I spotted some pigeons flying. There must be humans and other animals too. I can see some people coming towards me, I sincerely wish they won’t kill me. Hang on one of them looks very friendly. I’d let you know what he told me, bye for now.

I am back ,read carefully if you want to survive on this new planet, I have located. The man mostly used sign language to tell me about it. I had a hard time understanding, I wish I paid attention to this language when  I was still in school.

This is what I understood,anyone is welcome. No one is allowed to litter. The animals and birds should be left alone. There is plenty of vegetables and fruit to eat. They can explore it, but must not steal or try to fight to conquer their planet.

This is all I found out.  Visitors here should leave their impression about it for future astronauts.

Goodbye,  I hope my note will help you, good luck.’    Ranu

DP Daily Prompt: Keeping up with the Jones’ Ranu’s Post https://sabethville.wordpress.com

One-story bungalow with painted trim, earth-to...

One-story bungalow with painted trim, earth-tone shingles. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The luxury item I want,is a bungalow. I live in a two storey house.It is all right. It is a problem when I want something,not on the same floor.

To me a bungalow is very convenient. All the rooms are on the same floor. The kitchen is spacious. There are plenty of cupboards for everything.

The living room has comfortable space. I like a fire place .In winter it adds to the beauty. All of us can enjoy it.

Three bedrooms is perfect.They should have en-suite bath ,a powder room and a walk in closet.

A veranda is awesome to have but not practical. The snow in winter will fill the space. A  porch is fine.

The bungalow will be surrounded by trees. The front will have a garden.The land at the back can be used to grow vegetables.

This is what I’d love to have!

Dp Daily Prompt: ‘Simply Irresistible’ Ranu’s post https://sabethville.wordpress.com


Vegetables (Photo credit: Professor Bop)

I have two favorite dishes, ‘Beef and Fresh Mixed Vegetables’. I like a preparation of beef, it is my most favorite and my friends and family like it too. I wrote the recipe on one of my blog post.

I never say no to vegetables. I like all varieties that are available. My favorite vegetable dish is a combination of cauliflower,tomatoes,potatoes, green peas,I also include egg plant in this mixture. It is delicious.I use a lot of spices as well.

Rice is also important for me. I like to eat the beef and vegetables with rice.