365 Writing Prompts: Viral

The New York Times is going to feature your blog on its home page, and you have been asked to publish a new post—it’ll be the first thing tens and thousands of readers see.Writ it.

If I allow myself to believe I am capable of writing something which New York Times is going to feature in its home page, I have to be truly stupid.

I write and publish posts to improve my writing and please myself. who cares if no one thinks my writing is worth reading. Aspiration is something worthwhile to have, but if it gives one a sense of I’m the best, then that person should tell themselves you are a wannabe writer and you will not achieve this  kind of fame overnight.

I am contented with what I am doing,I will not try to blow my brains out to try something I am not capable of. This is my post  I’m not interested to go “Viral” but stay on this earth as a normal human being, until it’s time for me to leave!

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DP Daily Prompt: Viral Post by Ranu

Viral comes from the word virus. We have heard  the word virus long time ago . We know virus is a Latin word for poison.This is the name of a large class of protein substances they are only visible by the electron microscope. They are lifeless until they come into contact with the right cells of a living organism. It triggers into a reproductive activity. This produces the frequently epidemic diseases such as the common cold,influenza,small pox etc.

English: Siemens electron microscope (1969) It...

English: Siemens electron microscope (1969) Italiano: Microscopio elettronico Siemens (1969) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The deadliest disease is small pox, it can wipe out a community. Vaccines are invented to combat the disease. The World health Organization declared in 1979 that the disease is eradicated. The threat since then is from existing samples of the virus at two research locations, One in the U.S and the other in Russia.