Tagore song sung by Deb Biswas Posted and translated by Ranu

On this moonlit night,

everyone has gone to the woods.

On this crazy windy spring,

they have gone to the woods.

I will not go my dear,I will not go,

I will remain in this house,

all alone.

I will stay in my corner,

I will not go out in this crazy windy spring.

My house has to be washed and mopped,

very carefully by me.

I will have to stay awake,

who knows when he will come,

if he remembers me.

on this moonlit night,

I will not go out to the woods,

on this crazy windy spring.

I will not go out on this moonlit night.

D.P Daily Prompt:Odd Couple Posted by Ranu


housekeeping (Photo credit: pucci.it)

Anything,any place that’s messy makes me anxious and  cranky. When my home is messy,watch out,I am so angry ,I don’t see straight . I have  as my husband put it,O.C.D( obsessive compulsive disorder).Whatever my family thinks I have,I cannot relax until I clean up and straighten up everything.This is how I defend myself,don’t you think everything looks fabulous when things are squeaky clean.I go about my business of making the beds,dusting the furniture,cleaning the bathroom,Vacuuming the rooms.When things are in order,I sit down and look around and am quite pleased with my efforts.

Before the company comes,I make sure everything is in top shape. I don’t want to be called untidy. One of the things that irritates me the most,is a sink full of dirty dishes in the kitchen. I cannot feel at ease until the dishes are washed,dried and put in their respective cupboards. Why should anyone say I have O.C.D,I only try to have a clean and orderly home.

When I wash the chicken after cutting the pieces,I wash them few times,I see vegetables in the super market on the shelves,I bring them home and after cutting them I wash them.I wash the fresh vegetables thoroughly,unless they are in a clean bag with the sign pre-washed.I don’t think I have any kind of disorder,I am careful. In school I tell the kids to wash their hands,before they eat.It’s a healthy habit ,don’t you think?