DP Daily Prompt: Red Pill, Blue Pill Post by Ranu

Cooking Mama: World Kitchen

Cooking Mama: World Kitchen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today’s Daily Prompt brings back nostalgic memories of my aunt. She and I got along well,we spent hours talking about this and that. Poor thing she was the one who was in the kitchen cooking all day,with minimum hired help.I remember, we had just finished eating lunch,my aunt Bela was back in the kitchen preparing supper. I sat on the doorstep of the kitchen,watching her.She looked tired that day, she had a very tired smile. I wasn’t old enough to help her,and didn’t understand her pain.I was there to use my ‘gift of gab’. Suddenly she looked at me and said, “Ranu wouldn’t it be wonderful,if someone invented a pill which would replace food,and we’d be satisfied,it’d mean no cooking,no washing dishes,what do you think?” What did I think my brain could not fathom,that a pill can actually take the place of food. I smiled and said nothing. Either way it made no difference to me,this thing aunt Bela dished out to me was way beyond my comprehension.

Today after such a long time,I face the same question.It is slightly different but the thought is the same,a pill replacing cooking and cleaning,would I take the pill with all the nutrition stuffed in it,only it would look like a normal pill. Whether it is red or blue who cares. I know this is the twenty-first century, the world has made huge strides in technology. But can they invent a pill that can be a substitute for food. If for instance they do discover this extraordinary pill that single-handedly takes care of all our woes of cooking and cleaning. It looks good on paper. ‘Nay’,I will not go for it. I’d rather prefer my labor of cooking than have a pill. I’ll miss so many tasty food,the act of eating crunchy chips,chewing those juicy hamburgers, eating those fabulous cheese cakes. the flavor the taste of food,I’ll miss if I opt for a pill .I think about it this way, I will miss chewing and exercising my jaws.

There is too much to lose and not much to gain. Cooking is fun and relaxing. Then there is the question of inviting friends and families,what am I going to serve for dinner , “A Blue Pill”? No it looks and sounds grim from start to finish. So I say no to this amazing pill.