DP Daily Prompts: Five a Day

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You’re being exiled to a private island,and your captors will only  supply you with five foods.What do you pick?

I will pick, 1. water, 2. a vegetable ( which is good for health) 3. fish or meat( a kind that is not harmful to our health. 4. fruit (any kind) 5. a snack ( some kind of nuts, biscuit, or even another fruit).

My first item is water, we cannot survive without water, it is essential to maintain good health.

My second preference is a vegetable of any kind. I named only one because we are allowed only one.Eating vegetable daily is advised by our physicians. What  a vegetable can provide for our health other food items do not.

Third on my list is fish or meat: out of the two I have written fish is better than beef or even chicken as far as our health is considered.

Fourth is a fruit: It is just as important and useful as the vegetable. Its function is to keep us regular, it is an important part of maintaining good health.

Fifth and last on my list is a snack: we must eat snacks that are good for our health, I have included nuts or biscuit or even another fruit. Since I can only list five things, I have thought about the foods very carefully, to make sure while we are captured ,we eat foods that will keep us healthy!

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Bengali Song, singer Srikanto: Posted and translated by ranu

Do not turn on the lights oh sky

Do not open your eyes oh wind

My beloved might be shy

She may  come close and leave

It’s time for her

To give me the garland.

This time she will

Try her best to sing to me.

Waterfall, do not imitate the

same tune when you trickle down!

Do not turn on the lights oh sky,

Oh tree of red flowers,

Do not look back.

Oh Cuckoo do not sing,

My sensitive beloved,

Might be bashful.

Her words may freeze,

In her mouth.

She has a lot of timid,

Hopes in her heart.

For heaven’s sake,

oh dear scented flower

Do not disturb the rhythm

Of her song by releasing your scent!

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DP Daily Prompts: First!

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Tell us about your first day at something— your first day at school, first day of work, first day living on your own, first day blogging, first day as a parent, whatever.

My first day trying to make our Bangladeshi dessert,Rasgulla( Ras –means syrup,gulla—means round).

when I read my description of the dessert, it sounded pretty stupid, one might think what kind of dessert is round syrup. Whoever named it did not think  perhaps some day it will appear in a country where there are not many who can speak the language, and would wonder what kind of dessert is round syrup?

Let me try to defend the name, these round desserts were made with milk, which is boiled and when it comes to a boil a few ounces of fresh lemon juice is poured to make cheese, which is shaped into a ball and cooked in syrup made of sugar and water. I don’t think anyone ever thought of translating this famous dessert of Bangladesh into English or if they did never paid attention how it sounds in English, it was made in Bengal and obviously for the inhabitants there.

But now it’s found in many countries where people speak different languages.

I can write pages about this but my intention is to write  about our experience making  this famous dessert the first time.

My husband bought a recipe book where he saw the recipe for cheese balls in syrup. We were excited wow we can make this at home whenever we crave for it. The author of the recipe either did not try it or heard from someone and decided to put it in his book, thinking how hard can it be it will work out.

My husband bought whole milk, sugar and three lemons, and we started making our Bengali dessert,we were  excited we’d be able to serve our friends with this awesome dessert.

It’s much like the milkmaid story.

I poured the  milk in  a sauce pan and placed the pan on the burner , I switched the temperature on high, we were anxious to get it done fast, this was Strike One  , the milk was cold and the high temperature burned the milk at the bottom, I changed the sauce pan and kept stirring the milk so it wouldn’t burn. When it came to a boil I put the juice of the lemon in the milk, within minutes the water and the cheese separated. I put a cheese cloth in a colander and drained the water.When the cheese was cool enough I put a tablespoon of flour and a tablespoon of butter and started kneading it, when it was soft and pliable I took the cheese and divided into twenty six small cheese balls.

Next step was to cook syrup with water and sugar, when the syrup started boiling I put enough cheese balls that would fit. Now there was a problem how long should I boil it and what temperature, the instruction was missing, Strike Two, in the end it said after five minutes take the pot off the stove.

I said,  “hurray”, we’ve  successfully made our Famous Bengali dessert. My husband was anxious to taste it, when it was cool enough my husband said, “Ranu, why is it so hard and it’s not sweet at all, what did you do wrong?”

“I don’t know I said I followed the recipe.”

Our dessert got “Strike Three“. we wasted so much sugar and milk and  time and burned a sauce pan, the result was we were unsuccessful.

After this incident we kept trying, until one day my American friend made the same dessert, it tasted just like the ones we buy in sweet shops. She gave me the recipe,I tried it and it was perfect each time!

: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2015/01/04/dp-daily-prompts-first/

WP Writing Challenge: Ice,Water,Steam

For this week’s writing challenge, take on the theme of H 20 .What does it mean to be the same thing, in different forms.

Ice,Water and steam:what it means to be the same thing in different forms.

I’ll start with “Ice” : It is useful in many ways, it helps to cool our drink on a hot day.It is a way to preserve food and keep them from spoiling, it also plays a part in some health adages such as chewing ice suggests you have some kind of nutritional deficiency which may be true.

Ice is also essential in hockey,i.e ice  hockey , during the winter there are numerous ice rinks where sports enthusiasts either practice their skating skills to get them fit for important games, or just skate for pleasure.

Ice skating is another sport where the skater learns to do jumps, double triple or quadruple to do well in competitions.

The second form according to my list is,”Water” : It is one of the most natural resources for all kinds of living things, it determines where people can live and also their quality of life.Despite the fact there is plenty of water on Earth, it is not always available when and where it’s needed.One must consider water as a finite resource which has limits and boundaries to its availability and suitability for use.

The next form is steam: Since fuel is consumed to heat water that becomes steam, the gas is valuable, it can be used for a variety of purposes.

Steaming is a great way to prepare vegetables, it is healthy because we do not need oil or any kind of fat to cook it. Unlike other cooking methods gentle heat helps vegetables keep more of their nutrients and flavor.




nazrul song sung by ferdous ara post and translation by Ranu

Do not love me only

love my song too

Who keeps track of the bird

in the forest,

when the singing stops?

Love my song too

Who wants the moon

everyone tests the moonlight

At the end of the song

the flute lies in the

middle of dust.

You will never understand

how many lamps are burned

to give off light.

Love my song too

do not love me only.

The thorny creepers

grow from tears and

blossom into flowers.

You take the flowers

what do you give in return

in the empty vessel?

The thirsty quench their thirst

from the river water,

does anyone think how

thirsty the heart of the river is

from the pain of the ocean?

Do not love me only

love my song too.