Mind and Life Matters, Limerick Challenge Week 23 : Wedding

Mind and life matters, limerick challenge, week 23 : Wedding



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Wedding_of_Charles,_Prince_of_Wales,_and_Lady_Diana_Spencer_photo.PNG (387×264)

I remember watching Diana’s wedding,

She was so young and absolutely stunning.

The guests were mesmerized,

When  bride and groom arrived,

I will never forget that beautiful wedding!

……………………………. 🙂

Daily Prompt: Exhale

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Tell us about a time when everything seemed to be going wrong__ and then, suddenly you knew it would be all right.

I could not think of writing about everything going wrong in my life. I decided to write a fiction using this prompt.

Samina a twenty year old girl, made up her mind to leave Kolkata and go to Dhaka to continue her studies. Her eldest sister was living in Dhaka at that time.

She had a ready made residence waiting for her to live. Her sister and the nieces were delighted to have her, she was pleased as well.

Samina registered in the local university to continue her studies. Things were going well she became friends with one of her classmates.

At the end of the year, it was time for her first exam, she was not  ready for it. It would be wise not to sit for the exam. She knew she’d fail the exams,  and decided to repeat the course.

Next year she registered again for the same course, she continued neglecting her studies, this time it was worse she fell in love. Her friends noticed she spent all her time  writing letters to her boyfriend. As a result she was unprepared for the exam at the end of the year. This time she sat for the exam and fortunately passed but  was last in her class.

She registered for the second year course. Her sister found out about her love affair and tried to discourage her. She was afraid if her parents knew about her boyfriend, they would make her go back to Kolkata.She thought the only way to avoid her sister and her parents’ interference in her  life,  it would be best for her  to move to the University residence.

She started her courses, but her mind was elsewhere, as a result she failed the final exam.

She quit school, her parents were informed about her love affair. They felt it was better she got married, she’d be happy.

After months of preparation the date for the wedding was  settled. Invitation cards were sent  out to friends and relatives for the big day. Exactly a week before the wedding, Samina received a letter from her future husband.  He wrote:

Dear Samina,

I am sorry I cannot marry you. I have decided to marry another woman, my sin for not marrying you, would be far greater if I don’t marry her.

Samina’s world fell apart, she did not expect such an outcome. Everything went wrong for her.

Her parents and her siblings hoped that her fate would change for the better some day, that this was a lesson, she’ll learn from it and  hopefully will be all right.




365 Writing Prompts: INTJ

Do parties and crowds fill you with energy, or send you scurrying for peace and quiet?

I do not mind going to parties if there are some people I know, it gives me an incentive to hang out with them. I am not too fond of wild parties where guests completely lose their sense,I avoid those.

I’ve been to some parties where the guests are interested in what every one is wearing, to me it feels like I’m attending a fashion show I don’t much care about them.

I was invited to attend a wedding in Baltimore, the groom was the son of my husband’s good friend, I was happy to accept the invitation.

There were a lot of guests, it was not noisy, the bride was very sweet, she made sure her guests were having a good time, her father had passed away, she and her mother and her cousins organized everything. The whole ceremony was a joy to watch.




DP Daily Prompts: Delayed Contact

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How would you get along with your sibling(s), parent(s) or any other person you’ve known for a long time— if you met them for the first time today?

One person I’d love to meet whom I’ve known in my college days is, ‘Aziz Fatima,’ she was a wonderful person, was fair and treated everyone kindly.

If I met her today, first of all I’d be so delighted I wouldn’t know how to interact with her after such a long time.

A few years ago I went to attend a wedding in Baltimore, Maryland, I was hoping by some accident I’d meet her, I thought that because another college friend of mine told me Aziz lives in Baltimore. I looked for her among the people attending the wedding.

Aziz was originally from Uttar Pradesh India, her family settled in Bangladesh. I met her in college, we talked about ourselves and spent hours doing it. The thought I’d never meet her after completing our studies in the University never crossed my mind. I feel it was a mistake on my part not to take her address. I have lost contact with her for a long time.

If I meet her today,after the initial shock I’d certainly invite her to my house and chat for hours about how things shaped up for us after university, I wish I meet her one more time, I’d apologize for not keeping in touch with her.

k: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/09/18/dp-daily-prompts

365 days Writing Prompt: The zone

Tell us about your favorite way to get lost in a simple activity— running,chopping vegetables,folding laundry,whatever.What’s it like when you’re in the “Zone”?

Running, chopping vegetables, folding laundry, none of these activities are my favorite way of getting lost.

Listening to songs is  my favorite pastime, they remind me of my childhood, whenever there was a wedding in town the bride’s family played different songs on the loudspeaker, the songs became my favorite and I sang along, it was something I loved doing, I would get lost in my thoughts and hoped the songs would never end.

When I’m by myself, I listen to Tagore songs on youtube, I imagine Tagore singing and telling us how we should spend our time. It feels nice to be able to sing along and forget about the unpleasant things happening in our day to day life.

nk: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/06/02/365-days-writi…rompt-the-zone


Writing Prompt: Buffalo Nickel

2006 was a weird year for me. I was invited to go to a wedding of a friend’s daughter. I waited till the last minute hoping I could make some excuse. I did not succeed, I had to travel all the way from Newfoundland to Alberta. The time difference between the provinces is four hours. I started early in the morning and reached Calgary at 10 p.m., I was exhausted . The airline did not provide any food. It was horrible.

I checked into a posh hotel selected by one of my daughters, her theory was why worry, mom is paying. The wedding was okay, there was  only one person I knew,it was the bride’s mother. She was busy receiving guests. I was busy staring at all these strangers whom I never saw  before or will ever see, once I was home.

The nickel I picked was minted in 2006.


Calgary skyline  by Wikipedia.

http://sabethvillewordpress.com/2014/02/23/365-days-feb23-buffalo nickel/

DP Daily Prompt: Tainted Love

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Yes I know a friend who was unceremoniously dumped. She had no idea it was coming.

She was my classmate who became a friend when we were studying in the university. She met him when she was visiting her cousin, the guy befriended my friend’s niece. He found out all about her from the niece,who was overly anxious to tell him, her aunt’s name and all the rest of it.

This part is hazy because I really am not sure how the two got interested in each other. Let’s assume he sent her a note, she reciprocated. This was the beginning.

This went on for a while ,her elder sister knew about this guy. She vehemently opposed her seeing him.  My friend decided to  move into  the residence to avoid interference by her sister.

One day she asked me whether the students in the university open other students’ mail. I had no idea because I didn’t receive mail from home,and never checked the mailbox either.

This question aroused my curiosity, I smiled and said, “Do you expect mail that you don’t want anyone to open?”

She had to confide in me. She told me about her boyfriend and her sister’s unwanted advice. I found out he was a prof. in the university. Lot of female students were interested in him. He was a brilliant student and also very handsome. Which explained why all these other females were anxious to know about him. Their love affair continued, I completed my degree and left to study for my education degree in another university. During this time I heard nothing from her and I was also busy with my studies.

After completing my degree I came back to Dhaka, one day I met her sister in the shopping mall, she stopped me and said,”I want to tell you something about Nina.”

Nina and her boyfriend decided to get married, since she was the youngest daughter and the rest were married, her parents were planning an elaborate wedding, wedding cards were printed and distributed.

A week before the ceremony was to take place, Nina received a letter from her fiance, explaining how he was unable to marry her, because while in training he met another woman, he felt he had to marry the other woman because he wrote, “it would be a greater sin if he didn’t marry her.”

Talk about unceremoniously dumped, I haven’t  heard anything that can top this . She was informed by several people what was happening. Nina chose not to believe them and  thought they were trying to break the relationship.


NaBloPoMo Nov.25 ‘ Red’ Ranu’s post https://sabethville.wordpress.com

English: Bangladeshi wedding at Dhaka

English: Bangladeshi wedding at Dhaka (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whenever I think of red,it reminds me of the wedding sari I wore on my wedding day .Everyone else was wearing other colors. It makes me wonder why in our culture red is the color chosen for a bride. Could it be friends and family want the bride to stand out and be noticed.I get mixed feelings about it.

We have traffic lights,red,yellow and green. Red is a warning which in other words,tells us we should stop.Yellow is for caution and green means, freedom to drive on.

Going back to red for a bride in our culture,how does it make sense to dress the bride in red. If red warns us to stop,in case of traffic lights,why is the color red suitable for a bride. In all other cases red means danger,why is it okay for a bride to wear a red sari on her wedding day. I really am puzzled!

DP Daily Prompt: Non Sequitur Post by Ranu

I was talking to my friend over the phone. She complained I don’t call her,when she calls I ask her,’How are you’. I thought fair enough,but when I get the call what else can I say,except,’How are you?’ I thought. She did not agree with me. I avoided pursuing the topic.

While in conversation with her,she gave me the news of her son’s engagement.I congratulated her. She also informed me, the wedding is in New York.I excused myself, I told her I will not be able to attend. Then she said I’ll have to go to Chicago for the reception.

Our conversation moved to my sister in law,she left me a message,in it she kept repeating, “Why aren’t you picking up the phone?” I told my friend this was the time I was in Montreal. Without skipping a beat, she said, ‘When is she expecting’?  She left me wondering what was that about? It was like the saying: “She tried to hit me with a forklift!”