Who I am and why I’m here

My user name is Ranu. I spent most of my education in my native country Pakistan. I studied in a school, where the medium of instruction was English. I had to take one other language, I chose Bengali because it’s my mother tongue.

I completed high school in Comilla, Bangladesh. I registered in the local college, I spent two years of my undergraduate studies here. I then moved to Dhaka Bangladesh to finish my undergraduate course, which took two more years.

I stayed in Dhaka to pursue my post graduate course in Dhaka University. After passing this course I applied for a scholarship to study Bachelor of Education In Punjab University in the city of Lahore. I was selected and I fortunately passed the education degree course. I came back to Comilla after my graduation.

In Comilla I got a job in a school to teach young kids from grades one to eight. I taught here for about ten months, then moved to Dhaka and got a job in a boarding School. I taught for two years and three months, during this time I applied for a British Council Scholarship to study, ‘Teaching English As A Foreign Language,’ in London England. I won the scholarship, within two months I went to England. Our Teachers were Dr. Baird and Dr. Hill. We had teaching practice in a village named Llanberis in North Wales for two weeks, and a school in Malta for four weeks.

Upon completing this part of my education I returned home and started teaching in a school in Dhaka. I taught for about a year.I am here to see how I can use my time wisely, and not become lazy. Blogging to me is the best way of keeping in touch with education

Blogging 101,Day One : Introduce yourself to the world

Today’s assignment: write and publish a, ” who I am and why I’m here” post on your blog.

I rose from the hills, landed on the busiest city, called New Delhi, survived the turmoils and eventually found a safe haven in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Since this was not enough adventure I was introduced to my parents’ homeland Bangladesh. It was a whole different environment for a twelve year old like me. I knew the language my Dad made sure of that. Something about the little town  Comilla, Bangladesh didn’t seem right. Starting from the onions, they were too tiny, the potatoes followed suit. The vendors knocked our doors at the crack of dawn. I was already disliking this place because it was so different from the place we used to live.

I completed my high school at fifteen, and registered in a local college. It was a  co-ed college. My classmates eyed me with curiosity they felt I didn’t seem to fit in their midst. The first question they asked was: “Tumi bangla jano?”(can you speak Bengali?)

When I started speaking they thought it was strange , I didn’t speak like them i.e their dialect.

Two years later I move to a college in the big city, Dhaka, Bangladesh. I received my under graduate degree and registered in Dhaka university. I studied History, ancient, Islamic, Greek and so on. In my second year I studied Contemporary History. Graduated from the university.

I realized to be able to teach I needed an education degree, I succeeded in getting a scholarship to study in Lahore,Pakistan. After completing the degree I came back to my hometown, took a teaching job in a local school.

I taught there for a few months, went to the big city and managed to get a job in the one and only residential school in the city. I liked teaching but soon was told I had to do other things that did not impress me at all.

Supervise the boys in the dining room, in the library and when they were taking a shower. My day began at 6 AM and ended at 12.00 midnight. After two years and three months I bid goodbye to this amazing school.

The next few years were a bit more interesting than the ones before. I received a scholarship to study in London, England. Came back home after completing it, taught for a year.

I married a physician who was an ophthalmologist in Montreal, Canada. After a year in the province of Quebec, we moved to Gander, Newfoundland. We lived there for a while and moved again, this time it was  St. John’s , capital city of the same province.

I got interested in blogging when my fellow participant in the online course started blogging. I had no idea how to start it. My daughter who is a computer programmer helped me out. She signed me up with WordPress. Initially I didn’t know what to write but some of my friends from the online course helped me out.

The question is ,”who am I and why I’m here.”

The who am I question, I’ve written in detail. Why I’m here is what I want to write about. I forgot to mention the name of my blog is “Sabethville” I named it in memory of my Father, he passed away when I was twelve. I took a few courses in writing offered by WordPress. I enjoy writing them. I feel it’s a good practice to continue writing, and I get to meet other bloggers and read  their writing. I am back again and am very happy to start writing again.

…………………………… 🙂