365 Writing Prompt: Fill in the blank

Three people walk into a bar……

The bartender had just served a drink to his female customer, when he noticed them. These three were dressed as common criminals with an air of superiority about them. Jack was an easy going fella, who never had to face anyone  like the ones that just walked in. He tried his best to stay calm, getting overly aggressive wasn’t his style.

The situation at that time was less than perfect. There were some rowdy boys in their twenties who had come into the bar, for a celebration of some sorts, the gals who accompanied them could not be called belonging to respectable families. Jack was not concerned, his job was to serve drinks and it was exactly what he was doing.

Suddenly the loud voice of one of the three who entered brought him back to reality.

“Ah yes”, he said, “were you talking to m m e e,” his voice shook a little.

“Yes you, lazy bum, who else did you think we’re talking to?”

Jack was working in this bar for a very long time, no one ever addressed him as a, “lazy bum!” Who are these people and why are they so rude he thought ?

Next he heard another one of the three who seemed like he was just back robbing a bank and had a fist full of money.”Did ya hear my partner Jack Ass, now come here raat now or we’ll blow your head right off ya shoulders, ya hear me, and I aint kiddin!”

Jack made a cursory look to see if there was anyone there who could help him, there was none, only the useless bunch of twenty year old kids who were dead drunk, they could not be of any use, even if they were sober.

He had to think of something fast, he quietly moved towards them , said very calmly, “What can I do for you gentleman?”

To his surprise, the third one replied, “Can we have some cold drinks we’re thirsty?”

He looked up to see  who this person was, no wonder he thought, this one is actually sounding like he was taught some manners by his folks, how did he get mixed up with these crude fellas.

“Are ya deaf”, the first one barked !

“Three cold drinks coming up” he replied.

While pouring the drinks he saw from the corner of his eyes, his buddy, Will, leisurely walking towards him. They made eye contact, Will knew at once his buddy Jack was in trouble. He turned around and left the bar.

Moments later he walked in with the sheriff and his deputy carrying loaded guns, upon entering they fired three shots up on the ceiling.

The three people were taken aback, they could not understand what happened, one of them looked around and saw the exit door,without saying a word they made a clear get away!

All Jack could say was, “Yo, Buddy Will, what would ya like to drink ?”





365 Writing Prompt: Whoa!

What’s the most surreal experience you’ve ever had?

A few years ago my brother died, before he died  he left some instructions for my younger sister. He communicated with her on the phone. I did not know what he said, she told me what it was about.

After his death I asked her to carry out his wishes, she refused and told the other siblings ‘I was lying.”

I really felt bad, I told my husband, he felt, my brother needed to put the instructions in his will.

Early one morning I dreamed my brother came to the house, I asked  him about his instructions to my younger sister,he smiled and said I told her to divide equally among the siblings.

I asked him to write it on a piece of paper what the instruction was, I even saw him writing it.

When I awoke it was 6 am, I kept wondering, “Did he really visit me?”



365 days Writing Prompt: Morality play

Where do your morals come from–your family? Your faith?Your philosophical world view? How do you deal with those who don’t share them, or derive them from a different source?

We all learn right and wrong from an early age,whether we put it into practice is a whole different thing. Some of us follow what is right without questioning it, others might have a tendency to rebel it all depends on human nature. We learn this in school,at home, at work, we try our best to conform,sometimes circumstances can deter us from doing the right thing.

Our conscience plays a big part, we feel awful if we do something that we know ourselves is wrong. Then there are some who have no conscience, they lie time after time without feeling anything. They can and will make you look like an evil person , if they so desire.

How will I deal with them? I will stay away from them, it will not bother me, as long as my path does not cross with them. Some of these people do not learn from a different source, their mind is corrupt, they do it for attention and there are people naive enough to believe them.

Then there is temptation, an inclination to commit sin,it requires a strong will to resist it, that word ‘will’ is not present in their mind!


DP Daily prompt: The Outsiders

I had the experience of being outside , looking in. I don’t like that feeling . I had this experience more than once. One of them was when my husband wanted to discuss their property issue with his brothers, I had to be out, because it was not related to me directly. It almost sounded like,”persona non grata”. I personally didn’t think they had all that much. The fact I am the wife gives me the right to know. What if something happens to my husband and the brothers take charge. By keeping me uninformed  hurts him too. I know the system of writing a will is the best thing humans did. Sadly in villages nothing like that exists.