DP : You’re a Winner!

You’ve just won $1 billion dollars in the local lottery. You do not have to pay tax on your winnings. How will you spend the money?

I am delighted to know about the one billion dollars I’ve won in the local lottery, I do not have to pay taxes, it sounds sweet. Even better than sugar, the primary ingredient in almost all desserts.

It will be like easy come easy go money. I didn’t work for it , I won it. Spending it can be easy if I want to party around all over the planet. Wait now I’m hearing a voice, it’s telling me this is my opportunity to be generous.

Whenever I watch TV , there is  always someone asking us to donate money to poverty stricken children in Africa, or somewhere else. I have often thought how great it would be if I could help out the people who are starving.

Instead of using the money to buy expensive stuff for myself, I’d rather donate all of this money to charity. I’d feel much better doing this than buying expensive cars, jewelry, clothes, homes, or what have you.

My mind is made up I will give all of this money away!!

……………………………..  🙂

DP Daily Prompt:The Perfect Game Ranu’s post

Scrabble game in final stages

Scrabble game in final stages (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We always have loads of fun playing Scrabble. Here is the scenario I am thinking about.It will be fun as well as a lot of complaints by one member.

So here is my group,the names are imaginary. Names of the players are : Carnelia, Sarnia, Alicia and Fanny.

Carnelia takes the responsibility of writing the score, Sarnia makes sure the game is played without any problem,Alicia and Fanny are happy to  play the game.

The racks are given out.Each player takes seven tiles. The most important thing is the tiles they get before the start of the game. Carnelia and Sarnia are happy,they have the perfect tiles,consonants and vowels are what they want.Alicia and Fanny are not so happy.This means,they did not get what they wanted.

Carnelia starts,she can make a word with the tiles she has, the stage is set,Carnelia gets to makes a long word.The score is counted,she is pleased.She used five tiles,she takes two more,everyone must have seven tiles.

Sarnia’s turn comes,she manages to make a word without any problem. She had Q U I E Z B R ,she is very happy,she can make the word Quiz. Tiles Q and Z are worth more points.Right away she scores more than Carnelia.

It was Alicia’s turn, her tiles were not great,she managed to link it to Carnelia’s word,but scored very few points. Fanny knew what she could make. It was quick.

They picked more tiles,to have seven in total. The game started to be competitive. No one was talking.Each one wanted to win.

The game continued for a couple of hours, Carnelia was able to use up all her tiles. Next was Sarnia. Alicia and Fanny had three tiles left.They tried to use them,they couldn’t. So the game was finished .

The scores were counted ,Sarnia scored the highest,Carnelia was second Fanny and Alicia’s scores were added,each one had tiles left, the question was who loses the most scores,unlucky for Fanny,the tiles she could not use were worth more than Alicia’s.

Well Fanny was convinced in the beginning of the game she would win hands down. She made a big fuss,tried telling everyone it was a stupid game. Their skills had nothing to do with the game. It was just a question of luck,whoever gets the better tiles will win.

I said “Its not true,you can win if you think how to use your tiles intelligently”. The game of Scrabble needs both luck and skill!