DP Daily Prompt: Lucky Star

pad2014-s.png (308×60)

Today is my lucky day. I get three wishes, granted to me by, ‘The Daily Post’.

What are my three wishes, let me think, The Daily Post, will grant me my three wishes. I’m ecstatic, so much  I can’t even think, I will calm down and think.

My first wish is I miss having Wikipedia . I had fun using their pictures. Those pictures helped to make my post attractive, can we have it again. You wanted me to write about my three wishes and it will be granted.

My second wish is to get more time for writing challenge. One week is not enough for me, can we have a fortnight instead? It really will help.

Third wish is ,can we have badges for 365 days,if it sounds too many,can we just have one badge?

These are my three wishes,if they are granted I’ll be grateful.