Tagore song sung by Deb Biswas Posted and translated by Ranu

On this moonlit night,

everyone has gone to the woods.

On this crazy windy spring,

they have gone to the woods.

I will not go my dear,I will not go,

I will remain in this house,

all alone.

I will stay in my corner,

I will not go out in this crazy windy spring.

My house has to be washed and mopped,

very carefully by me.

I will have to stay awake,

who knows when he will come,

if he remembers me.

on this moonlit night,

I will not go out to the woods,

on this crazy windy spring.

I will not go out on this moonlit night.

Ashar Shandhya An evening in June By Tagore Translated by Ranu

Jasmine flower

Jasmine flower (Photo credit: snopek)

The evening is drawing close,the day is done.

The tieless rain is dripping at intervals.

Sitting alone in the corner what am I thinking__

what  message the  confidante breeze is leaving, Jasmine in the  woods.

My heart is pounding I cannot find the reason__

the fragrance of the wet flowers makes my heart weep.

What tune can I play to fill the hours of the night_

what anxiety is distracting me I wonder__

Is it the tieless  rain  dripping at intervals?