365 days, WordPress Prompt:

There’s no place like home: If I had the opportunity to live a nomadic life, travelling from place to place, would I do it?

I like travelling, I don’t have the kind of temperament one needs to live a nomadic life. I love my family too much. I need a home base. Any place is home to me if I have my family with me.

I had the experience of living in a hostel for continuing my education. I had a hard time dealing with it. I ended up visiting my local guardian every week. I was six hours away by train from my siblings. I felt my local guardian understood the fact I missed my mom and siblings, although he could not fill the gap in my heart, he was able to console me by talking about his friendship with my family, which helped me.

As a student I was ambitious, in my mind I was satisfied with whatever I achieved. I could not continue to live away from my loved ones. I think I’m incapable of living a nomadic life.

WordPress Prompt: Opposite day

A Poem

Writing a poem is not my only option,

I decided to take a different selection.

I sometimes like testing my weary mind,

Will it cooperate and try to be kind.

There are days when it appears stagnant.

Today I wish it’ll try to be brilliant.

Whatever happens I’ll remain an optimist,

It doesn’t do any good to be a pessimist.

………………………………………..:) or ūüė¶

Daily Prompt : Sandwich

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Sandwich

When I read the daily post prompt, “Sandwich,” ¬†I immediately thought of food, egg sandwich, roast beef sandwich and the list goes on. It’s so human of me to think of food.

There is another kind of sandwich which does not bring pleasant memories. It happened to me a few years ago, one kind lady graciously offered a ride to me and my daughter. Since the seat at the back was occupied by her bosom friend and her infant. We were given the front seat where there was the lady who was driving and the two of us. I was sandwiched between my daughter and the driver.

My daughter tried to stay still, so no part of her body would rub against me, the driver on the other hand, reminded me I was being an obstacle to her driving. I know you guys may say, ¬†“Why didn’t you take a cab?”

I know it was a serious mistake, I needed to learn this lesson.

Why did I not realize that the kind lady would prefer to ¬†drop ¬†us on the street, rather than tell her friend to take a cab. I know what you’re thinking of course she was right, yes she was, you know what she squeezed every dime she could for her education and paying her credit card bills, her aim was fulfilled. She didn’t need the mother and the sister anymore!


………………………………. ūüôā

#Shaping your story, Week four, Crafting A Scene

#Shaping your story, Blogging University Course

A Meeting With A Cardiac Surgeon

A good doctor’s comforting and reassuring words are sometimes more powerful than medicines.

Tired of waiting to see the local Surgeon in St.John’s Newfoundland, my husband went to see his friend who knew a Cardiologist in London, Ontario, Canada.

His friend said, “you don’t look well Ali, you must see a physician soon. I know a Cardiologist in London,Ontario. I will make an appointment for you.”

The friend got an appointment for my husband. We left St. John’s On the first week Of February, 1997. We checked in at a local hotel in the evening. The following morning we went to see the Cardiologist. He was a nice man who assured my husband the Cardiac surgeon would be able to treat him.

The Cardiologist  arranged  an appointment to see  the surgeon next day. We arrived at his clinic early that morning, we were greeted by his secretary, who led us to his office.

Sitting at his desk was the Cardiac surgeon, looking at some papers, we stood quietly and hoped he would look up and offer us to sit.

He   stood up , looked at us. We waited for him to speak.

He checked the file again and said:

“If I take you to the OR for surgery tomorrow, you will be dead, and I will have to talk to this person. Continue with your medication.”

He then walked with us as far as the door.

My husband and I thanked him for his time and walked out of the  clinic. We asked the secretary to call a cab for us.

From the clinic we went to the Cardiologist’s office. My husband apprised the Cardiologist ¬†of the outcome of the meeting with the surgeon.

The Cardiologist advised my husband to get in touch with the staff of Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, United States.


…………………………………… ūüė¶








Blogging 101,Day One : Introduce yourself to the world

Today’s assignment: write and publish a, ” who I am and why I’m here” post on your blog.

I rose from the hills, landed on the busiest city, called New Delhi, survived the turmoils and eventually found a safe haven in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Since this was not enough adventure I was introduced to my parents’ homeland Bangladesh. It was a whole different environment for a twelve year old like me. I knew the language my Dad made sure of that. Something about the little town ¬†Comilla, Bangladesh didn’t seem right. Starting from the onions, they were too tiny, the potatoes followed suit. The vendors knocked our doors at the crack of dawn. I was already disliking this place because it was so different from the place we used to live.

I completed my high school at fifteen, and registered in a local college. It was a ¬†co-ed college. My classmates eyed me with curiosity they felt I didn’t seem to fit in their midst. The first question they asked was: “Tumi bangla jano?”(can you speak Bengali?)

When I started speaking they thought it was strange , I didn’t speak like them i.e their dialect.

Two years later I move to a college in the big city, Dhaka, Bangladesh. I received my under graduate degree and registered in Dhaka university. I studied History, ancient, Islamic, Greek and so on. In my second year I studied Contemporary History. Graduated from the university.

I realized to be able to teach I needed an education degree, I succeeded in getting a scholarship to study in Lahore,Pakistan. After completing the degree I came back to my hometown, took a teaching job in a local school.

I taught there for a few months, went to the big city and managed to get a job in the one and only residential school in the city. I liked teaching but soon was told I had to do other things that did not impress me at all.

Supervise the boys in the dining room, in the library and when they were taking a shower. My day began at 6 AM and ended at 12.00 midnight. After two years and three months I bid goodbye to this amazing school.

The next few years were a bit more interesting than the ones before. I received a scholarship to study in London, England. Came back home after completing it, taught for a year.

I married a physician who was an ophthalmologist in Montreal, Canada. After a year in the province of Quebec, we moved to¬†Gander,¬†Newfoundland. We lived there for a while and moved again, this time it was ¬†St. John’s , capital city of the same province.

I got interested in blogging when my fellow participant in the online course started blogging. I had no idea how to start it. My daughter who is a computer programmer helped me out. She signed me up with WordPress. Initially I didn’t know what to write but some of my friends from the online course helped me out.

The question is ,”who am I and why I’m here.”

The who am I question, I’ve written in detail. Why I’m here is what I want to write about. I forgot to mention the name of my blog is “Sabethville” I named it in memory of my Father, he passed away when I was twelve. I took a few courses in writing offered by WordPress. I enjoy writing them. I feel it’s a good practice to continue writing, and I get to meet other bloggers and read ¬†their writing. I am back again and am very happy to start writing again.

…………………………… ūüôā


#65 Writing Prompts: Key takeaway

Give your new sisters and brothers-in-WordPress one piece of advice based on your experiences blogging. If you’re a new blogger, what’s one question you’d like to ask other bloggers?

My advice to the new sisters and brothers-in-WordPress is : “visit as many blogs as you can, read and find out how their writing or poetry or photographs helped them develop their blog and what special skills they learned that helped ¬†them get better.”

I’ll also advise them to take part in the WordPress prompts which gives ideas about what to write. sometimes our mind is blank we are unable to think what to write, the prompts are very helpful when this happens.

…………………………… ūüôā

DP Daily Prompt: Last Words

pad2015-s1.png (308√ó60)

You have the chance to write one last post before you stop blogging forever.Write it.

This is a very interesting prompt as far as I’m concerned. I’m a blogger for a little over two years, there is not a whole lot I can write about my experience, I must admit I appreciate the opportunity of writing, this is something I did not think about. I was not so confident about my writing skills when I started, a few of my friends gave me the courage I needed.

I cannot claim I am a great writer but I do claim blogging has in many ways improved my lack of confidence. I look forward to the prompts every morning, some are confusing, others help me to write something.

I am not afraid to write a fiction whenever I have to,about poems my feeling is cautious, I do not consider myself a poet at all. I love reading poetry.

My favorite poets are Tagore, Wordsworth, Longfellow, Iqbal, Shelley and many others. Every now and then I read their poems, I do ¬†not try to write poems, I am of the opinion I’m not natural in this Art.

I have written and published a few poems and posted it. They are very simple.

I like writing stories and publishing them.This is one aspect of blogging I like the most, I can write anything without fear that my post may  not be published.

My conclusion is I love blogging, I have something to do daily, I am not bored and I look forward to doing the prompts that WordPress provides for us.


DP Daily Prompts: Brain Power

pad2015-s1.png (308√ó60)

Let’s assume we do, in fact, use only 10% of our brain. If you could unlock the remaining 90%, what would you do with it?

This morning I thought I had to use all of my brainpower to write something to use my time. I was absolutely sure I was using all 100 % of it ,the result was a dismal useless writing which I dared to submit.

If you at WordPress think  I use only 10 % of it every day or assume I do, what happens to the remaining 90%? Does it store as fat like everything else we do not use?

This morning I did need the 90% of my brain to write something worth reading.

All right I’m seriously thinking now what I’d do with the 90% of my brain if I could unlock it. I’d use it to write poetry the kind Tagore wrote, with him gone there has to be someone who should inherit his gift. I’d like to be the one.

The only problem is during Tagore’s time everything in nature was wonderful , the blue sky, the bright sun the forests full of trees, the clear as crystal rivers and oceans lakes and what have you, healthy people, fresh fruits and vegetables.

All that seems to be missing, pollution is the biggest problem, our water is impure, skies are full of smog, and variety of diseases are rampant.

Sure I’d have to write about our planet now, I’d have to give a very grim picture which no one will be interested to read.

Besides how do I know that the 90% of my brain is usable, considering our environment, the food we eat, the air we breathe, I think out of 90% maybe only 50% can be used. I’m sorry but I have to be honest.

If I could use some of it maybe I’ll try to use it to teach the inhabitants of our planet there is still time to improve the ¬†air we breathe, water we drink, ¬†and food we eat!


365 Writing Prompts: Ebb and flow

Our blogs morph over time, as interest shifts and life happens. Write a post for your blog but three years in the future.

The way things are going in the blogging world,I’m not sure what I’ll do three years in the future.I might turn into a poet, because I’m translating so many poems of Tagore, this is one option, I’m also interested in photography, if I start from this moment I might turn into a half decent photographer, in the words of George Bernard Shaw,”You never can tell.”

Chances are good I may pick up the art of writing poetry, and also photography, these two things may look different from what I’ve been writing since I joined “WordPress.”