Fiction: Waiting

Lillie McFerrin Writes



Melanie’s father told her to stay seated on the bench in the shopping mall until he returns.

Don’t worry I’ll be back soon, he said.

The poor child sat there, she did not even stand up to see the different things in that large shopping mall, she was afraid her father will worry if he came back and she was not there.

Morning turned to afternoon, and then it was late evening, her friend Georgia offered to give her  a ride home,she refused, she believed her father would come and get her.

She was so tired, she fell asleep, she dreamed her father was telling her to go home, he was unable to come for her, when she opened her eyes she found herself surrounded by friends staring at her, Georgia laid her arm around her shoulder  and said, “I’m so sorry your father was killed when he tried to cross the street.”



Writing Prompt: Success 365 days

Tell us about a time where everything you’d hoped would happen actually did.


My younger brother, Anis, was very competitive in his studies, he loved to come first in his exams. In their school if a student came first in the class exams,their name would be first in the class register, they didn’t use alphabetical order. 

My brother was very happy to have his name on top of all the names. 

One morning before going to school he told me to pray because his exam results would be out that day and he wanted his name to remain  on top of the list. I was certain he had nothing to worry and I assured him not to have any doubts.

It was after 5:30 pm, there was no sign of my brother, I started to have an eerie feeling perhaps my brother did not make it. I’m angry with myself when my optimism turns into pessimism. I kept hoping my thoughts were deceiving me.

Every few minutes I looked out the window and started pacing ,I was tired and sat down,suddenly I heard some voices outdoors, I looked out the window, the scene still haunts me,my brother was held by three of his friends,he was crying. I knew it was a bad sign.

One of them yelled out,”he missed the first place by two points, God he said I never cried this hard when I failed.”

Mom was concerned she immediately went to my brother’s school, she came back relieved and happy. She told me, “he came second.” I looked at her totally surprised, I said:

“Mom what did you think?”

“I thought he failed she said.”

My mother had no idea about her son’s ability!

Blogging from A -to- Z challenge

Eagerly I waited for the result

This unforeseen delay troubled me a lot

Emily came and gave me hope

Excel you will there is no doubt!


Eagerly I waited for the result

This unforeseen delay troubled me a lot

Even if they say I have nothing to worry

Earnestly I say it stresses me a lot!


Eagerly I waited for the result

This unforeseen delay troubled me a lot

Easy for everyone to say don’t worry

Why are they withholding my result?


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