#Everyday Inspiration, Day Twenty: Wrap It Up

Day Twenty: Wrap It Up

I liked #Everyday Inspiration, Day Seven: Let Social Media Inspire You.

I enjoyed writing the day seven prompt, let social media inspire you. I used a quote by Epicurus, “Nothing is enough for the man to whom enough is too little.”

While writing the above, I wished I could use another quote to write. I got my opportunity.

Today I wish to use Plato’s wisdom to write.

“Excellence is not a gift but a skill that takes practice. We don’t act rightly because we are excellent. In fact we achieve excellence by acting rightly.” -Plato

I started watching the game of Tennis, several years ago. I’d say we were forced to watch it because our TV channel was showing tennis, we had another channel, which showed something, we did not like it so we picked tennis. It was difficult for us because the words they used was outside our vocabulary.

Slowly we were learning and came to a point when we loved it. I Knew the names of the players, their coaches. We looked forward to watching the grand slams, which were played by the top ranked players. Among them I noticed one named Roger Federer, he was young and showed skills that only comes from days, months, years of practice. It didn’t take him long to become one of the best.

Today, he’s not as fast as before. But he is good enough to be ranked number four. He won twenty grand slam titles and over a hundred titles in tennis.

He achieved all this because of his dedication to the game he loves so much.

Kudos to you Roger Federer!

……………………………………………………. 🙂