#Everyday Inspiration, Day Nine: Writing and Not Writing

Day Nine: Writing and Not Writing

There are a few things I do during the day to balance my life. Part of the time I spend praying as it’s one of the most important thing which gives me solace and also helps continue my day to day activities.

Sometimes my curious mind wants to peek into the world of news. In order to do that, I find myself stuck in the disgusting fake news, and promise to make the world a better place. Sometimes it gets so nauseating, I look for some kind of balm to give my mind peace.

One such thing is listening to music. It’s the best remedy to relieve my mind. I feel for all those citizens who are trying to tolerate the voice that ring in their ears all hours of the day and night.

Moving on I take a few minutes to keep me fit, I walk, do a few yoga steps to avoid being a couch potato.

Cooking is another thing which occupies my day. Sadly the meat, vegetables, even dairy doesn’t taste the same. Mankind has changed everything to make money while endangering our health.

Then there’s the fear of Qovid-19, what we can and cannot do which has taken over our daily lives. Most of us obey the warning of the epidemiologists. But there are others who’ve made their own rules and are happy to believe it’s nothing but a flu’ that’ll disappear in no time.

I fear to think how these simpletons have a restful night knowing thousands are dying, while they follow their fake politician.

Finally I agree with Alexander Pope’s words____ “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.”

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Writing 101, Day Nine: Writing and not writing

Today’s assignment: What do you do when you’re not writing?

When I’m not writing, it depends on the time of day,if  I’m finished writing, early morning, I pick up either the Bhagwad Gita  or Thich Nhat Hanh,’The Miracle of mindfulness.’ It depends on my mood as well. If I’m happy, I listen to songs on YouTube, mostly Hindi or Urdu or my favorite Bengali songs.

Besides writing I am also registered for an online course, where there are lessons given to us, one every week. I study them, pick a question and answer it.

We the participants are expected to read each other’s comment and give our replies. When I first joined the course, I was bothered by someone,  who did not want me to be in the course, because I am  a  Bengali. I did not say or do anything to make her feel that way. My being a Bengali was the only reason.

At first I toyed with  the idea of leaving the course and joining the Memorial University, which is across the street from my house.Then the thought, I have as much right to be in the course as  her, made me change my mind.

I’m continuing the course and still enjoying it, the day I feel it’s a burden, I’d leave and concentrate on writing,reading and cooking too.

At the moment, I’m pleased to stay in the course. Our facilitator is a fine gentleman, I’m actually indebted to him for allowing me to register in the course. It’s a course on Allama Iqbal, the poet and philosopher.I did not have any previous knowledge of him, I have learned everything I know by doing this course.

I also spend time cooking, which I love to do. One time I baked a lot, I do not do it anymore, it keeps me from eating cookies and cakes, which really is not good for me, considering the fact,there is too much sugar in them. I have learned sugar is not the best thing to consume if I want to stay healthy.

These are some ways I spend my time. I love writing, when I have nothing to write I translate songs into English.

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