#Everyday Inspiration, Day One, Why Do I Write?

Day One : Why Do I write?

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword’ is an adage coined by English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839, indicating that communication, or in some interpretations, administrative power or advocacy of an independent press, is a more effective tool than direct violence.

I believe writing helps me to express clearly which a violent weapon cannot. I know writing is powerful,   politicians  are afraid of press which is why they call it ‘fake News,’ which convinces those who either are blind followers or do not understand the words in print.

Our sub-continent achieved independence with the help of  powerful writers like Tagore, Iqbal, and other writers, they did not use weapons to drive our foes away, they used their writing to convince the masses  to understand their  poverty will not disappear  as long as they’re inactive and blame their fate for their condition. 

God wants us to use our intellectual power to change our lives. Violence will never help  change our current situation.

The politicians put   fear in the minds of innocent people, they tell them everything the press write is fake news!

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Daily Prompt : DREAM

My response to the one-word prompt : Dream

We all have dreams, big or little depending on how easy or difficult is the dream we aspire to accomplish. I always had quiet dreams which I never let others know. I was  concerned if someone other than me knew it, the chances of me achieve success was slim to none.

I went along the path of life trying to motivate myself to study hard, I knew if I failed I’d be a failure in the trials and tribulations which we all encounter and would disappoint my Mom.

I felt all the negative vibes thrown against me by one of my closest relation. I spent so much time thinking, even if I heard the comment, I paid no attention at all. When I think back about the criticisms hurled at me, I feel grateful it did not tear me apart or lose my confidence.

To me ones success depends on dreams one has, it helps to focus to climb the ladder of reaching the heights.

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Writing: #Intro to Poetry, Day Ten: Future

Poetry, Day Ten: Future

Poetic form: Sonnet

Tomorrow God willing I will not complain,

My toothache will leave and I will be sane.

Time is short there is so much to do,

My tooth hurts how will I chew?


I must not procrastinate,

But gather clothes to donate,

I must leave them on my front door,

I hope we won’t have snow anymore.


Once I get this chore done,

I will sit and have some fun.

I wish to watch some quality tennis,

My favorite player is Milos Raonic.


I hope he can serve his best,

And ends up  scaring all  the rest.



My blogger friends day ten is complete,

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Writing:Into to Poetry, Day Nine: Landscape

Writing: Intro to poetry, Day Nine: Landscape

Poetic Device: Apostrophe

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M_D_Vaden_Design.jpg (900×935)

It’s a joy to see the change of weather

It’s time to fix the garden for this summer

Clearing the garbage is not an easy task

Who will do it for me I often ask?


In comes a truck with three young men

Said they, “give us a chance  to fix your garden.”

They look like amazing workers that I’m sure

My neglected garden all winter does it have a cure?


They worked hard to make the landscape bright

Daffodils, petunias, peonies they made it look all right

One question kept lingering on my mind

The grass I have, is this the right kind?


On hearing this, the leader said, “Don’t you worry,

We’ll bring the best sod in a hurry.”

Everything was in order the men started working

They were  good they didn’t waste  time talking.


My landscape in front looks great

Come see neighbors now, I Can’t wait.

I think I’ll arrange to have a  party

I’ll serve all kinds of stuff and make it hearty!

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Poetry, Day Eight: Pleasure, Writing Intro poetry, Day Eight: Pleasure

Day Eight: Pleasure

Device Anaphora


Because of the wind, the day is freezing

Because of the wind, we all are sneezing

Because of the wind, I have a warm  cup of coffee

Because of the wind, I get a delicious  piece of cake

Because of the wind, I can turn up the heat.

If there was no wind, the day wouldn’t freeze,

or I wouldn’t sneeze,

we wouldn’t have that cup of coffee

or the piece of cake

And would have no reason to turn up the heat.

I’d invite the wind with pleasure,

Because of it I can have coffee, a piece of cake

And a nice warm house.

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Writing: Intro to Poetry, Day Six: Screen

Form: Enjambment

Image from WordPressAn open laptop sitting on a bed in a dark bedroom

My life is a big screen,

it holds memories of,

my loved ones, first it was,

my Dad,he had so much to

give, but he left us

early, we the younger

ones, became orphans,

without understanding

why, Mom took

over, she kept us together.

When I grew up I had no

direction, I knew not then

how, important was education.

I studied, when I felt like

it,slept, longer than necessary

despite, my sister’s constant

reminders, I did what I thought

was, right, someone up

there, must have kept

me, focused.

Or else ,how did I, successfully

fight, off the,

obstacles, on my




Writing : Intro to Poetry, Day Four: Journey


A long road, running in to the horizon

Enhance your poem with a SIMILE

Our journey felt as warm as the morning sun

The further we went the clouds above spoiled our fun

Still we were optimistic it will change

But unfortunately the heavy clouds

Fell as rain like nature was dropping

Buckets of water.

It was a perfect transformation from

Dry to wet.

We kept our mind cool

Continued  driving like a fool.

But the nightmare continued as our

Car hit something heavy

The gas tank needle turned to empty.

We checked the map to find a gas station

Nothing to worry the man said

The impact bent your tank

We were not quite satisfied

Resumed driving until we reached

Our destination.

I told my husband you liked the color

lemon, well it proved it  really

is as sour as a lemon!

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