Daily Prompt: Community Service

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Your entire Community..however you define that;your hometown, your neighborhood,your family, your colleagues..is guaranteed to read your blog tomorrow. Write the post you’d like them all to see.

My post today is about people I met on my trip To Montreal. We bought the ticket in June to arrive in La Belle Province to watch Rogers Cup Tennis matches.

On the day of the quarter final matches, we went with high hopes that it would be great to watch live tennis. When we arrived at the stadium it was raining we were assured it will stop within the hour. It didn’t stop, the rain was heavier.After standing under the roof of one of the stalls, my daughter checked the tickets,she was happy to see we  were  allowed to go to the lounge until the weather clears up and the matches would start.

When we went inside the lounge, we found tables set up for four people. There were a lot of tables, where one or two people were sitting and the other two occupants were their bags. I looked at some of them but they conveniently looked the other day.

Finally I came to a place where a man was sitting, and there were three vacant chairs. By this time I was too tired to move on . I very gently asked if my daughter and I could sit down. He was nice enough to let us.It made me think why are people so selfish.

A few minutes later two young boys carrying food were looking for a place to sit I understood how frustrated they were not to find one. I called them and asked if they were looking for a table to sit. They were, but shy to ask, I told them the two chairs were vacant, they could sit. All the time they were there they kept thanking us. I wondered why the adults are not gracious enough to offer the vacant chairs occupied by their bags.

That was one scenario, next we were on a subway train, the compartment was full, there were no empty seats, a young boy stood up and offered his seat to me. I was delighted and thankful for his generosity.I thought may be the young lad was also visiting the big city and in his small  community people are more generous.So his offer to give me his seat was common and not really a big deal!

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