Blogging challenge:letter “Y”

Young two month old kitten

Refuses to let me  do my work

Yes it is little but does not yield

I’d have to give him some yummy food! 29-blogging- challenge letter y/







DP Daily Prompt: Young At Heart

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“Young At Heart”

I didn’t think about aging , it is an on going process,everyone gets older everyday.

How will I stay young at heart as I age. I will have to take care of myself, do things that keep me happy. I’d spend my time with younger people .

Read children’s stories,write stories, I don’t know this is all I can think of.

DP Daily prompt: Opposite Day Post by Ranu

I love reading poetry and memorizing some I love. To write one is really cannot be included amongst things I love to do.It clearly isn’t my forte. You can tell me to mow the lawn,shovel the snow,clean the house,cook food,take care of and teach children,I can do all these with relative ease.But write poetry.I’m happy to pass it on to Tagore,Shakespeare and all the rest of them. Not me,this is a burden I cannot carry easily. I’d have to be reincarnated as a poet,even that wouldn’t work.

Let me try,I’ll see what I can come up with.

I can mow the lawn,shovel the snow,

cook food,clean your yard,

teach children young and old,

I can do all these,I swear I can.

Please do not tell me to write poetry!

Poetry is for all those with imagination,

my brain hardly knows to think,

how can I think before I dip my pen in ink!

If one immaculate day,

my thought leads the way,

and dares to write a poem,

if you make up your mind to read,

I will ask ,’Oh God, did I succeed?’