DP Daily Prompt: Unconventional Love Post by Ranu

Unusual or unconventional Love. This is something I did not think about. I began to think who can it be to whom this title would fit in my mind. The name of my younger brother comes to my mind. He was one of those people who did not demand anything. I loved him dearly much more than any of my other siblings. Maybe he was very kind,always around me if I needed something, and my other siblings wouldn’t care to listen. He was a very intelligent person,he was not arrogant or a show- off.

He was  younger  than most of us ,yet he was always trying to help each one of us. I loved him unconditionally.It is not easy to have a brother like him.I was fortunate he was our brother. He passed away a while ago,I still feel very sad, I could not have him for a longer period.