chocolate please

A message of love

This is a commercial I saw on TV. I’m posting this because I’m impressed with the little girl who went to a chocolate shop to buy a bar for her mother, she didn’t have money to pay, she took some of her little toys which to her is very valuable. I guess it’s like a barter system we had ages ago.

I like the way she expressed her love for her mom. She told the salesman, she wanted to buy a gift for her mother on mom’s birthday.

I saw this commercial several times. Normally I’m not too fussy about watching commercials, this one portrays a special message of love.


4 thoughts on “chocolate please

  1. This is a good commercial. I never thought I’d say that. You’re right, the girl is impressive. Everyone is–the girl, her mom, the man in the store.

    • My problem with commercial is the interruption, some ads disturb our train of thought. This one I interpreted as the little girl’s love for her mom. Thank you so much Clouch. 🙂

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