My House To Me

If it aint broke complain not don’t fix it,

If the knob gives trouble change it.

There are many things to talk about,

Stop concentrating on my defects

It could have been worse not better

Life has its up and down think hard

It’s the same with me I kid you not

So be happy with what you’ve got!


Tagore’s song lyrics, translated by ranu

The blue morning star questions me,

How much longer will you take

to find your direction?

I could not answer the question,

I spent my life looking for direction.

Someone out of love created a light,

Which helped me see after the sun set.

While following my shadow,

I realized you and I are lost.

I do not look for the right path,

The path is looking for me.

my mind understands without knowing.

Everything around me is

going and coming.

I’m thirsty like the stagnant stream.

The blue morning star questions me.

I wish I was allowed to embed the song.

If you are interested you can find the song on YouTube:

The first line is: amai proshno kore neel dhrubotara.

365 days: an epic poem

Goodbye dear Delhi

A to Z

All you children wake up we’ll leave today,

Bags packed before clouds darken sun’s ray.

Cautiously mom completes her cooking,

Danger seems imminent as we were looking.

Evil sights were visible at our front door,

Friends called out, you can’t wait anymore.

Goodbye dear Delhi we softly whispered,

Hey loot this house , man in bicycle uttered.

I was terrified thinking they’ll kill us,

Just like statues we showed no emotion,

Karma can’t be the reason for our condition.

Lord knows how far is my Dad’s office,

Man is making us suffer we have no choice.

Never did we dream one day we’ll be outsiders,

O creatures of God our feet are sore with blisters.

Please let us rest and allow us to hire some taxis,

Quietly we’ll leave this place it’s our promise.

Rest assured we will have good memories of Delhi,

Sadly we’ll leave our abode of several years,

To those who will replace us to you our cheers.

Unable we are to welcome what’s waiting for us,

Vast open land will separate us from our city.

Woe to those who are responsible for this break,

Xylophone alone will never cure our heartache.

Year will pass, nothing will standstill we know,

Zip your tongue mom says and let us go!

William Sisters: Venus and Serena, the best tennis players

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World’s best tennis players

Tennis is the only sport I love to watch on TV. I started watching the sport when Chris Evert and Martina were the super stars.

With time younger players took charge such as Steffi Graf and Monica Seles. Monica’s tennis life was cut short by a crazy man. Steffi continued to play and after winning twenty two grand slam championships she called it quits.

After Steffi and Monica there were a few good players, but the eyes of the world was focused on, ‘The Williams Sisters.’

How these two sisters entered the famous courts of Australia, Roland Garros, Wimbledon and the United States Open is amazing. Their father one day watched a tennis match, where the champion received thirty thousand dollars. He instantly made up his mind to teach his two daughters how to play tennis.

The girls were doing well. Dad decided to enter them in tennis tournaments, when they were old enough.

When they started their hair tied with beads got unnecessary attention. They were even fined when some of the beads broke loose from their hair and adorned the tennis court. The commentators and the crowd were not being nice.

These two sisters were winning match after match but the accolades were few and far between. Why were they treated so roughly, the only thing comes to mind was they were not like the European, or even the American players, their complexion was not light, it was dark.

Does it make a difference, it seems yes. These two sisters and their parents, helped them the best they can be; they did not disappoint their parents or everyone else who watched their skill.

There are four Grand-Slam tournaments in tennis in a year. The two sisters started winning most of them. Suddenly everyone started rooting for them.

Today it’s fair to say that these two sisters combined have won the most Grand Slam tournaments.

When I started watching them my favourite was Monica. After her I had no one who was my favourite . After years of watching these two sisters, I came to the conclusion, they are in my mind the best tennis players that ever stepped the courts of the world.

I think the credit goes to the father, who worked hard to make his daughters the best players in the world. Kudos to you Richard Williams.

…………………………………………… 🙂

365 days: Stranger in a strange land

I always dreamed of visiting London some day, when I was fortunate enough to win a scholarship to study in London University’s school of education, I was delighted . My residence for the year was in William Goodenough House.

As far as food goes I had a difficult time eating anything in the cafeteria, the food had a strange smell. I spent days without eating anything. Finally I bought some food and cooked in the small cooker we had.

My brother lived in London, he noticed I was losing weight, which scared him. He wanted me to stay in his apartment. I could not because the university was too far from where he lived.

I loved the city and visited some of the famous buildings, One of them was Madame Tussauds. I remember climbing the stairs, in the corner I saw two cops. Honestly I thought they were real people, I stopped and was about to ask something, when I heard a loud laughter behind me. ‘these are wax figures, they are not real. I was embarrassed and quietly walked up the stairs, and looked at everything around me.

I also visited the British Museum library. My friend wanted to look up something in the library. We had to get a library card. The librarian asked me why I was there. I just smiled, he then said, ‘O you are here with your friend.’

He gave me a card too. I watched the people in the library, they were so quiet, I was afraid to walk, for fear I will disturb their concentration.

I enjoyed travelling in the tube train, it’s so fast. I had a map which served as a guide if I wanted to visit somewhere other than the university.

I loved the city, there was so much to see and learn. Food was the only thing I did not enjoy.

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British Museum Library


365 days, July 15th :Far from home

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From St. John’s To Dhaka

I was travelling from St. John’s To Dhaka. I started my trip by Air Canada to Toronto. We had a stop for two hours, my brother flew in from Vancouver to join me. We waited for two hours to get the next flight. After two hours we continued our journey. Our stop was at London’s Heathrow airport.

Even though we were in transit we had to go through customs which made little sense.

In London our stop was an hour and a half, it was enough time to go through customs. I don’t mind customs, but there are some weird things the authorities make us do which is take our shoes off.

From Heathrow we changed our airlines, this time it was Qatar airways. the flight took six hours to land in Bahrein and the waiting time at this airport was seven hours. It was midnight, I felt sleepy but they didn’t have any arrangement to sleep, but if we really wanted to we could sit and try to sleep on the benches in the lounge.

When the seven hours were finally over, I couldn’t wait to board the plane, we waited for the call impatiently, there was a long line. We were moving slowly, finally the door of the plane was visible, we reached there got in and took our seats.

Once again we continued our journey by Qatar Airways. We felt happy as the next stop would be our destination, Dhaka city. The plane took off on time, six hours later we landed in Dhaka City, Bangladesh.

Once again we faced customs, we weren’t carrying any gifts we just had our suitcases, where we had our personal things.

It felt good to see our siblings, they had the transportation ready for us. It was a long journey, we were glad when we reached home.

Book Review: Danny the Champion of the World

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Author : Roald Dahl, pages: 2014

Roald Dahl’s message to Children Who Have Read This Book, when you grow up and have children of your own, do please remember something important

a stodgy parent is no fun at all

What a child wants and deserves

is a parent who is


While parents of little children are anxious and worried whether or not their kids would be safe to attend school in this year of Pandemic. I’m trying my utmost to present before them this review of Roald Dahl’s book. It may not be an antidote to their fear. But if it diverts their fear for a couple of hours, I consider it worthy of my effort.

This is the story of a kid named Danny and his father.

When Danny was four months old, his mom passed away. He had no siblings nor any other relatives. He grew up an only child and enjoyed the sole attention of his Dad.

The father and child lived in an old gipsy caravan which had roamed around the country side and parts of England. When the caravan was no longer useful to ride on, it came into the hands of Danny’s father, he used it as his house. It was a tiny room, there was a bunkbed which Danny and his father used to sleep.

Danny’s father took the top, while Danny had the lower bunk. Life was going well for the two. When Danny was five, he helped his father in the filling station which his father owned.

The filling station had two pumps and a tiny workshop. In it there was an old table and a cash register. Danny’s father had a number of customers who’d come to get their cars filled and get some small repair done.

Danny learned to fly a kite and loved it. He and his father built it and had a time of their life flying it.

Something strange happened when Danny was nine years old, he went to bed as usual, something woke him up, he looked down from his bunker and found out his father was missing. Where did he go and why, was the question Danny had on his mind.

When he saw his father coming, he asked his father, ‘why did you leave me alone and where did you go?

When his Dad told him, he had a secret. Danny thought adults are complicated people.

What his father told him and what happened next is something, dear readers you have to find out by reading the book. It will also tell you why, Danny was called the champion of the world.

I think it is a book both adults and children would enjoy reading as I did.

chocolate please

A message of love

This is a commercial I saw on TV. I’m posting this because I’m impressed with the little girl who went to a chocolate shop to buy a bar for her mother, she didn’t have money to pay, she took some of her little toys which to her is very valuable. I guess it’s like a barter system we had ages ago.

I like the way she expressed her love for her mom. She told the salesman, she wanted to buy a gift for her mother on mom’s birthday.

I saw this commercial several times. Normally I’m not too fussy about watching commercials, this one portrays a special message of love.


Discover Prompts, Day 25: Magic

My Magical Day

I always think a dream leads to magic. To explain why I think this way let me tell you a story of my life.

I had just finished my Post Graduate written exams and was waiting for the oral exam. Suddenly a thought came to my mind, how about registering for the Bachelor of education course. If I’m able to register and pass the course, I can apply for a job in teaching.

I spoke to my classmate, who said, ‘ I know there is a women’s college in Mymensingh, let us go there.’

Mymensingh is a small town four hours away by train from Dhaka city. We found out there was a daily train to this town in the wee hours of the morning. It took four hours to get there. We hired a rickshaw and landed on the doorsteps of the college. We were met by the vice principal who bluntly told us, ‘You are two months late, sorry we can’t take you.’

Call it luck or magic, another lady came out of her office, asked us why we were there. When we told her of our intention. She gave us a curious look and asked: ‘why are you late?’

We replied, ‘We were waiting to finish our exams.’

‘I’m impressed with you, you have guts,’ she said, turned around looked at the vice principal and, said

‘Make arrangements for these two to register,’ she informed the vice principal.

To us, ‘Go back , get your oral exam finished take the drutajan express, do not wait for garlands.’ (Drutajan is the name of the train, and the first word means fast.)

We came back to Dhaka, I didn’t feel so elated. I had a few things on my mind, the dark building of the college made me think of ghosts. I was miserable thinking not only of the scary building but the financial position, I’d have to ask one of my siblings to pay another year of education.

It wasn’t right, so I asked God to help me out. That same evening I went to our common room to check the classified ads, I didn’t know what I was looking for, but to my absolute dismay I saw in one corner of the newspaper an ad , which said Interwing scholarships to study B.Ed. There were other subjects, this happened to be what I wanted.

I tore the corner of the page, took it to my dormitory and slowly wrote my application letter. I never told a soul, not even mom or my siblings.

I went back to my local guardian’s house. I was not sure if I’d hear from them, but kind of hoped God will fulfill my wish.

A week later a man wearing a khaki uniform came up the steps of my uncle’s house and asked, ‘Does Chaman Ara live here?’

My uncle was terrified, looked at me and inquired,’ Do you know him?’

I was just as scared and could not find any reason for this man to look for me.

He had a bag on his shoulder took out a letter and announced, ‘this is a letter from the Department of Public Instruction, you are selected for an interview for a B.Ed. Scholarship. It was the best day in my life.

I went for the interview was selected and went to Lahore to study. A year later I came home and got a job in a school.

Everything that happened was like a dream and I can say magical. I learned from this experience, “if one sincerely asks God for help, one will get their wish.”

…………………………………………………………………….. 🙂

Discover Prompts, day 8: Curve

Years ago I went to Montreal to do a short course in French. While there I got the news that a family friend was hospitalized near Van Horne. Without wasting time I asked another friend how I could get there.

She said, ‘Ranu you have to take two buses, number 55 and 56.’

I thought about it and realized I had no experience travelling by bus. I gave up the idea.

‘Why not I walk to this place?’ My mind whispered.

The problem was I knew nothing about how to get from point A to B. I didn’t want to get lost, so I took the help of a road map which I bought from a store nearby.

I got ready and started walking , there were a lot of twists and turns, boldly I carried on. Suddenly I noticed a building a few yards away. I was excited and kept following the road that led to the building. I opened my eyes and was delighted to see it was the hospital I was looking for.

I went in took the elevator and met the girl who told me about the two buses.

I went to see our friend Pearl Duclos, she was surprized and happy to see me after many years.

I told myself, ‘Life is not a straight line, it has many curves and twists, only those who are able to struggle are the ones who are ultimately successful.’