Everyday Inspiration, Day Nineteen: Play With Word Count

Day Nineteen: I chose Thirteen: Play with Word Count

My pretty Sophie

Is adorable and bright

 Waiting for her  treat!

…….………………………….. 🙂



Bollywood Song; Duniya badal rahi hai,posted and translated by ranu

World is changing ,

do not waste time shedding tears.

Let your eye-lashes cover your tears.

My heart wants you to

transform your tears into flame

wash the scars of your heart

with rays of hope.

In this dark storm of sorrow,

light up the lamp of your mind.

Get rid of pessimism,

look forward to your morning

with hope.

It’s difficult to check my emotions,

when I watch your face.

erase the memory of your

ruined life,

change it into something positive,

O my friend,

it’s no use shedding tears!

……………………………………. 😦


Tagore Song, posted and translated by Ranu

I am the only one alive.

What I had, I lost.

I’m  left with loneliness.

Those who I thought were mine,

no longer respond.

I weep and ask myself

where are they, I get no response.

O mother please tell me,

whom shall I call?

I ask you mother-

Why did you take away

everything from me.

How hard-hearted do you think

I am to be able to  to live by myself!

…………………………………… 😦









rafi song: Mujhe darde il ka patana tha, posted and translated by ranu

Mujhe  dard e dil ka pata na tha mujhe aap kis liye mil gaye,

I had no knowledge of what a heart ache is,

Why did I meet you?

I was happy  living my life alone,

Why did I meet you?

We were travelling alone without

any purpose,

you and I were far away

from each other,

travelling by ourselves,

why did I meet you?

neither am I a moon of any evening,

nor  a lamp of healing,

I’m only a tiny lamp on the road,

Why did I meet you?

………………………………….. 🙂

My visit to Montreal

Montreal, the home of the French language, looked more friendly than years ago. Whether one likes it or not, no one can deny how pretty it is.

This time things were different, they greeted me with three languages ‘Bon Jour,’ ‘Hello,’ and ‘Buenos Dias.’ The first one  still scares me as I’m not capable of speaking without rehearsing, ‘what’s the easiest one I can tackle without embarrassing myself.’ is my pal   English, I learned it when I first went to school at age five. It’s no credit to me but my Dad who thought it can help me in the future.

Third, ‘Buenos Dias,’ i.e Spanish, suddenly motivated me to take some courses, which I did.’ But forgot a lot as I did not practice.

I know there are other languages spoken in Montreal, these are the main.

Each morning I visited the malls, supermarket and sometimes a drug store, for food, clothing and cards for people I met.

I spent three weeks with my friend, she cooked and took me to visit her friends. I almost felt I should make Montreal my home. Then the urge to do so died down, as I missed my home, my daughter and the three felines:   Gabriel, Raphael, and Sophie.

I am back in Newfoundland, catching up with time difference.

…………………………………….. 🙂


Every Day Inspiration, Day Twenty: Wrap it UP

Day Twenty : Wrap it Up

I enjoyed writing all the assignments. I learned a lot. I found Day Eighteen Challenging, I selected, “Twelve Ways of looking at water.”

I was able to write twelve different anecdotes, whether I did it the right way, I have no idea.

I skipped day nineteen, I could not think whom I can get to interview. Some of my followers only click the like button, this does not give me any idea, whether I can approach them for an interview.

I enjoyed writing the assignments, it made me think seriously what to write. This is a major improvement for me.

Thank you WordPress for this course.

………………………………………. 🙂

Everyday Inspiration, Day Sixteen : Mine Your Own Material

Day Sixteen : Mine Your Material

The Things We Leave Behind

This is the house we left years ago. My husband reluctantly sold it. The day we left was a cold November day. Our neighbor insisted we spend the night in her house. My husband declined the offer, the vacuum cleaner was the last thing I picked up to put in the car. We locked the house gave the keys to our lawyer and were on our way to St. John’s, NL.

The trans-Canada Highway was unusually quiet, there were very few cars on the road. It took four hours to reach our destination.

I missed the house we left, the house we’d make our home cannot be compared with the one we left. This one is two-storied house, it had broken windows, the previous owner did not take proper care,  it looked like one owned by a step-mother who couldn’t wait to sell it to the highest bidder. The neighbors complained the value of their property will go down because of this eyesore among them.

Since we came we have renovated it several times, it still cannot be compared with one we had to  leave behind!

……………………………………….. 😦

Song sung by Rafi posted and translated by ranu

Knowledge of religion

Is the cause of feuds

God created humans,

Man divided them into

Hindus and Muslims,

As long as a child

Is unaware of religion,

He will become a good human.

Knowledge of religion

among humans has

produced a divisive world

A newborn child cannot

be blamed as long as

he stays human

God created One universe,

Man divided it  into

Bharat and Iran

Faith does not teach hatred

It does not teach to crush the weak

A temple that has no Quran

cannot be a place of worship

A mosque without a Geeta,

Is not a place of worship

those who claim they are faithful

and pious are selling the country

They live in palaces,

they are infidels and looters

All you innocent children

you will teach humanity

to these liars and thugs!

……………………………………. 🙂





















hindi song, posted and translated by ranu

Life is a puzzle!

What kind of riddle is life

Sometimes it makes us laugh 

and at times it makes us sad.

Sometimes our heart is unaware

Of following our dreams

One day the traveller of dreams

will leave ahead of dreams to the unknown

Those who decorated the Fair

Did so after facing sorrow and happiness

These are humans who chose silence

This is how they leave to the unknown alone,

What Kind Of Riddle Is Life!

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