I wasn’t sure about the title. I used it because it tells about things we learn about people. When I was eleven our father took us to Bangladesh. Our journey was a long one, in those days airplanes were not that fast.

We travelled from Rawalpindi to Lahore. The airplane from Lahore to Dhaka was larger. We had to put cotton wool in our ears to minimize the terrible sound of the aircraft.

We arrived after it seemed hours. Waiting to receive us were our maternal uncles and my father’s younger brother. All these people were overjoyed to see us I presumed.

We had a good time in the city of Dhaka. It was not where we spent two months of our vacation from school.

Our final destination was our grandparent’s home in a village named Cheora. We had an unbelievably good time. Here we met our uncles who were not at the airport, and our cousins who we met for the first time.

We took back great memories of our visit, I for one could not wait to tell my school friends in Rawalpindi about our newly found cousins.

All our excitement did not last too long. A year later our fate took a sad turn, Dad died, Mom did not want to stay in Rawalpindi, she missed her siblings. My eldest brother made arrangements to go back to Bangladesh for good. After a year and a half we were on our way back to my Mom’s long lost Bangladesh.

We arrived at the same Dhaka Airport. This time all those smiley uncles were absent. Why did we suddenly fail to make them happy? ‘A quiet voice made me aware your Dad was the attraction not you!’

I must mention my mother’s cousin was present, he really loved us I was certain. His name was Ali, I always liked teasing him, when we met him the first time. When I saw him this time, I exclaimed, ‘look Mom, Ali Baba Chalis Chor.'( Ali Baba and the forty thieves). Mom with a grin on her face said, ‘do not say this badtamiz(ill-mannered) he is your uncle.

My sweet uncle said, ‘she’s only having a good time, it’s all-right!

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Daily Prompt: First tell us about your first day at something- school, work, living on your own, blogging, as a parent, whatever.

My first day at school: It was a beautiful morning, the sun was shining, quiet everywhere, I was busy getting ready to meet my class of forty-two boys. Perhaps they were eagerly waiting to see who their Principal had chosen this time and how long will they wait to get rid of her.

I entered the classroom and noticed one boy who seemed prepared to let me know, who they were and how many teachers they got rid of in two months.

I looked at him, he observed me from head to foot, without any introduction he blurted, ‘You are our sixth teacher in two months.’

I watched him, he had that wicked look of an uncontrollable child. I ignored him took out the register to make the roll call. While calling their names I was preparing myself to deal with them.

At 10:15 am the bell rang for recess, I heard an uproar and within seconds, the classroom was empty. The boys were gone. I sat in my seat stunned that the six year old wasn’t kidding when he announced they had five teachers before me, this was a mere sample of their behaviour.

I only had eleven months experience teaching in a different school. This was a new challenge for me, which I took on without hesitation.

I’d like to give an account of myself before I go further. I finished my Bachelor of education, the course was about History of education, and other things that a student must know.

We were not trained how to deal with students or pupils we’ll face. In my mind a six year old will be meek and well-mannered. These six year olds were confident, rebellious, and treated teachers as if they were doing us a favour by being there. They came from rich families. They had everything they wanted, fear was unknown to them.

This was an institution where the teachers had no say in anything. The six year old had more power than us.

When I got this job I was asked if I was able to discipline these young boys. At that time I had no knowledge of this particular school. I took my job seriously, I knew I would never leave it even though the children were undisciplined and rude.

Next day before recess period, I told the boys, ‘You will not be be allowed to leave the room until I give permission.’

They looked at me and each other, there was pin-drop silence. The bell rang I let them stand, line up and go out row by row without making noise.

It worked for the two years and three months I stayed. When I look back I feel proud that I was able to stay there on my own term, and quit when the time was right!

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Please God Don’t Take Him!

Eight years ago we got Rafael,

A tiny Siamese cat,

He was scared to be in

an environment, where he

knew no one.

Each day he hid himself

under the recliner.

It took him a little more

than a week to be


He climbed up, climbed


Nothing satisfied him.

His energy at that

time was more than

one could handle.

Time was passing by, Rafa

did not know how to calm down,

We closed the doors of

the living room and kitchen.

One day while watching

him I said, ‘Rafa this is how

I open the doors.’

Next day I noticed the

doors were open

Rafa and other felines

were inside.

I yelled, “Selina did you

forget to close the door?’

‘No Mom,’ was the reply.

Next day I watched him

open the door.

We changed the knobs,

Rafa was angry, he

let out a shrill, ‘Meeeow.’

We were happy, he was not.

He was curious about

the basement,

one day he zoomed

down when I opened

to take my clothes

to the washer.

I screamed so hard,

Rafa was scared,

for almost a week

he stopped looking at


Rafa being Rafa,

he could not stay

angry this long.

Time was passing by, there

was no more problems

with Rafa. He and I became friends.

Beginning of October,

I saw Rafa’s bowl was not


We thought he didn’t like

the food.

This continued day after day.

‘Something is wrong I said Selina

take him to the vet.’

We couldn’t get the regular

vet without an appointment.

It was an emergency, Selina

took him to the special vet.

After the blood test,

The vet said, she needs to take an X Ray,

After what seemed eons, the result

was shocking, Rafa has cancer.

We watch and we wonder,how

long do we have him?

…………………………………………………………… 🙂

The Spiritual World ( Rumi)

The more awake one is to the,

material world,

the more one is asleep to

the Spiritual world.

Such material wakefulness

is worse than sleep,

since when our soul

is not awake to God,

our wakefulness

closes the door

to divine bounty.

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Tagore Song

A Prayer

When worldly concerns consumes

my mind

When my heart has lost faith

Even then Oh Lord

I worship you with your song

Forgive me my Lord for

these hollow prayers.

The preparation of puja

without flowers,

A melody without soul.

I call you through parched lips

in hopes that heavenly rain

will restore this desert

where my faith once


I call you through parched

lips to fill my mind once

more with your elixir

so that my soul can

be full.

With this desire,

I offer you my yearning


………………………………………………………………… (:

United States Grandslam Tennis Tournament

This is the end of the tennis season,

Djokovic is unhappy for one reason.

He could not qualify to play,

Cause he didn’t take the vaccine they say.

So the government had to intervene,

What could they do but be mean.

He jeopardized his chances to win,

The fact he’s so stubborn is a sin.

It’s awesome for the young players,

Felix will take over as the leader.

It’ll be fun to see someone else,

Lifting the Trophy I happily guess! 🙂

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 🙂

The plight of a five year old

I will begin with a sad story of a five year old. I had the privilege of watching a video of a five year old child. She belonged to a family who were very poor. They were unable to provide food, clothing, or even a proper house. While they struggled, they were advised by people who lived in the community, to put the child in a home where his/her food was guaranteed at least.

The mom and dad thought it was a swell idea, they agreed to send their little five year old to a home. The family was well off and promised to take care of the child, in return the child would be given simple chores.

The little girl was unwilling to go but the parents forced her, thinking the child wouldn’t be hungry. About two days passed the child was physically abused by the lady of the house. The child somehow managed to find her home. Her parents took her back to the same family. This time she was abused and wasn’t given any food, because the child broke some utensils belonging to the owner.

It was evening the girl decided to run away. She couldn’t find her way home and was lost. She was hungry, tired of walking she sat in front of a small shop. The owner tried to help, the child couldn’t remember the name of the street, village even the names of her immediate family.

After several years of going door to door in search of basic needs of life, fortunately she found a family who took her in, raised her, and got her married.

After her child was born she realized, her son needed to know where she came from and who were her parents.

Luckily she found an institution where they deal with finding lost children who are adults. This institution has a great team, they work night and day to help these unfortunate adults.

When this lost girl who is married and has a child came in contact with this institution. Her first wish was she wanted to see her mom. But when she met her sisters she could not recognize them. She was shown her childhood photographs. Those photographs convinced her they were really her sisters. She immediately asked to see her mother.

When this hapless child found out her mother had passed away. Her heartbreaking sobs wet the tears of everyone present.

I think giving a five year old child to strangers thinking they will raise this child is a mistake!

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Living In The Sufi World

It’s Sunday morning. Grand Slam Wimbledon Tennis tournament is in full swing. One may wonder the title doesn’t match what is written below.

I know it isn’t, what I’m about to write are some beautiful words I discovered in my book.

So be ready readers, soon you will find out that my mind roams around in all kinds of news and ideas.

This time I found this basic Sufi principle to live in the world and still pursue the highest mystical goals. To serve others in a real sense is to serve God, and this service is considered by many saints to be the highest form of worship. It is not enough simply to love or to know. We have to act on our love and our knowledge.

Love and Service. To be a dervish is to love and serve others. The dervishes seek to love one another. this is actually the duty of a human being.

There are two conditions required of every dervish. One is to remember who has created us and praise our creator also be thankful to Him.

The other is to serve God’s creation, starting with human beings first, and then animals and plants. God says: The best humans are those who are useful to others.

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NBA Draft, June 23rd 2022

It is not the NBA draft that caught my attention but the little boy who was introduced by the father, the little tyke was remarkable as a child. He showed, one day he’d be a Draft pick. He’s all grown up, this evening he is going to be drafted by one of the NBA teams. Isn’t it awesome?

The amusing part was when the father said out loud, ‘that’s my son.’ Mom felt her husband completely forgot her, she elbowed him and said ‘He’s our son!’

Imagine how we mothers are always left out, when our children excel in something. 🙂

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Mir Jafar, posted by Ranu

Today I will shed some light on Mir Jafar. For a very long time, when Mom was upset with us, she’d say you descendants of Mir Jafar, how can you be any better.

At that time I was seven or perhaps eight years old. It somehow did not awaken my natural curiosity. I thought probably this man was evil and lived near my grandparents home.

In other words I paid no attention. As time passed my brain started mulling inside, telling me it’s worth finding out who this character is.

First thing that aroused my attention was to open the encyclopedia. I looked up, ‘Mir Jafar.’

Lo and behold there was this character in bold English letters, Mir Muhammad Ja’far Khan( 1691- died February 5, 1765 ( Bengal India). He was the first Bengal ruler from 1757 to 1760; 1763 to 1765. Under British influence he helped to defeat the Mughal rule in India. He was an Arab by birth. He helped his brother-in-law, General Ali Vardi Khan, to seize the the government of Bengal in 1740.

His crooked ambition led him to conspire with others to depose the grandson of Ali Vardi khan, who I introduced as Mir Jafar’s brother-in-law in the previous paragraph.

In 1757 he( Mir Jafar) assured Robert Clive, British Governor of Madras, now known as Chennai, that he would enter into an alliance with the British to exclude the French from Bengal and pay 50,000 pounds to the East India Company for the European inhabitants of Calcutta (now Kolkata), he’d make the deal if the British supported his bid to be the ruler of Bengal.

He made a few other promises to convince the British, who themselves were sitting pretty on our home soil, India at that time.

I get the picture, my question is Mir Jafar was a traitor, he was an Arab by birth. We are Bengalis at least this is what we are told. We have nothing to do with Mir Jafar, so why would Mom call us Mir Jafar’s descendants?

Besides we were innocent kids trying our best in school, hoping to get a worthy enough job. Now I see what we were labeled as is untrue. Would you not agree with me? Too bad Mom passed away a long time ago, I lost my chance to tell Mom, as far as History goes, we had nothing to do with that man.

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