Daily Prompt : Viable

In response to prompt : Viable

How I Chose My Profession

While growing up as a child of fourteen I thought about my education. There were a lot of subjects I wanted to take as my major in college, but my lack of interest in studying for hours, was the cause why my mind told me it wasn’t a realistic aim.

I gave up my thought of studying Economics and made up mind that the most viable option for me was History.

It was practical for me, given the fact, I had a good memory. When I completed the Post Graduate degree,  I had no idea how I could earn my living with this degree.

One day I  walked to the common room in my  residence. I picked up the newspaper and looked for the classified ads. It was as if the heavens wanted to help me out, printed in large headline was Scholarship. Instantly I  read the ad and was on cloud nine, tore the corner of the page and immediately decided, I want to join the teaching profession.

I applied never doubting that I won’t get the scholarship. Two weeks later, a man in uniform rang the doorbell and asked to speak to Chaman Ara. This turn of nature stunned me.

I went to see the gentlemen for an interview. I was nervous but their pleasant faces removed my fear, it went well, and I got the scholarship.

In the end I told myself, getting a teaching job was achievable for me!

…………………………………….. 🙂


Song Bengali, singer Subir Sen, posted and translated by ranu


There are so many melodies and songs I deal with daily,

I fear if these come to an end, I know you too will forget me,

Life is short, how many more sweet memories,

we will have together I do not know,

Still I am happy to find you, even though I know

some day I will lose you.

I tried my best to sing that song well,

perhaps it could not please you.

Today nothing gives me pain, I managed to forget her.

There is no guarantee in life, what we have today,

tomorrow we will lose,

I know you will forget me!



……………………………….. 🙂

I love this song !

Daily Prompt : Circle

In response to one- word Prompt :  Circle

It’s hard to  choose one’s circle of friends,

It’s not easy to see how each one spends.

His/her time when they’re alone,

Perhaps they always moan and groan.

Some of the members  in their band,

Are too picky which is hard to stand.

What must one do if this is the case,

They must leave and  try another group!

……………………………… 🙂

Tagore song ,posted and translated by ranu,lyrics by Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore’s tribute to his Motherland:

O’ the soil of my motherland,

I kneel at your feet.

Through you I see my world,

you are my endless protector.

You are merged in my body and soul,

Your dark green image is burned in my mind.

I was born in your lap,

And wish to die on your breast.

I will spend my time on your soil, in grief and happiness.

You fed my hungry soul,

and cooled my body with fresh water.

You suffer without complaint,

And bear whatever you face.

You have given me everything,

I know not what I gave in return.

I spent my life in useless work,

You gave me energy,

It is in vain you gave me this vigor!

……………………………………… :


My Favorite Holiday : Eid al Fitr


The Birth Of The Holy Quran

On the 25th June, I celebrated Eid al-Fitr, a festival which follows after one month of Ramadan.Let me write a few words about Ramadan. It is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Islam uses a lunar calendar- each month begins with the sighting of the new moon.

The Islamic calendar is eleven days shorter than the solar calendar used elsewhere. Islamic holidays move each year.

In 2014 Ramadan began at sundown on June 28th. For more than a billion Muslims around the world –including some eight million in North America– Ramadan is a month of blessing, marked by prayer, fasting and charity. Ramadan focuses on self-sacrifice and devotion to Allah(God).

Why is this month so important? Muslims believe that during the month of Ramadan. Allah revealed the first verses of the Holy Quran, the holy book of Islam.

Around 610 AD , a caravan trader named Mohammed was wandering in the desert near Makkah( in today’s Saudi Arabia). While thinking about his faith, a voice called him from the night sky. It was the voice of Angel Gabriel, who told him Mohammed was chosen to receive the words of Allah.

In the days that followed, Mohammed found himself speaking the verses of the Quran, these words were then transcribed,  and was the beginning of the Glorious Quran.

After a whole month of fasting, we the Muslims celebrated, Eid al Fitr. It is a holiday which announces the end of fasting and the beginning of a  celebration with friends and family.

Eighteen to nineteen hours of fasting which began at 2 am in the morning for me and ending at 9: o3 pm in the evening. It was something we as Muslims have to endure to understand how those less fortunate than us live each day of their lives.

Eid Mubarak to you all!



Daily Prompt : Paragon

In response to one word prompt : Paragon

I do not  think politicians and lobbyists are paragons of honesty. They are only interested about themselves and care for no one else.

There was a time the people  elected for  government service  had to be honest and hardworking for the good of their community. If they were  found dishonest, they were removed immediately.

In our modern world, it seems honesty is not the best policy. We live in a complicated and selfish world where might is right is the motto. As such there is no such thing as an ideal government or a society.

………………………………………….. 🙂


Daily Prompt : Imaginary

In-response to daily post’s one-word prompt  : Imaginary

I’m dreaming of a long wide imaginary street,

On either side  eager  vendors offering a  treat.

Little kids dancing and prancing without fear,

Their parents sitting and watching them near .

Sometimes we must give our minds  much-needed break,

So that daily fear and confusions won’t keep us awake!

…………………………………… 🙂



song, singer lata, posted and translated by Ranu

Morning announces the call of death

It seems someone has broken the tune of life

May God  kindly  keep watch over you

This is the message of my beating  heart

I am leaving your world,

wake up and bid me goodbye

When my funeral procession leaves tomorrow

Promise me you will not offer your shoulder

Let not our love be disgraced

Accept the tears of my message!