DAily Prompt : Pamper

In response to daily prompt :   Pamper

It’s wrong to spoil a child,

It only makes him/her wild.

When they’re young they know not why ,

They need discipline to ride on high.

Unfortunately it’s the name of the game,

If you want to succeed in this age of fame.

So parents beware do not Pamper your child,

If you do not like  them to grow up wild!

…………………………………. 🙂





Daily Prompt : Irrelevant

In response to daily prompt : Irrelevant

When we had our school meeting,

D and L  loved discussing,

Irrelevant subjects which made no sense,

This was how they   contributed their two cents,

Worth of utter rubbish.

While the rest of us were keen to call it a day,

They were warming up to have their say.

I’m so glad I do not have to face them,

I no longer have this pointless  problem!

………………………………………. 🙂


Daily Prompt : Leaf

In response to prompt : Leaf

Among the leafy vegetables, spinach is my favorite. It’s very easy to cook. You just wash it to make sure, there is no sand left.

You take four cloves of garlic, mince or slice them, heat a pan, put a tablespoon of oil, when the oil is hot put the garlic cloves for a few minutes, do not burn it, next you put the spinach leaves, add a dash of salt, stir till the leaves wilt and the water dries out. I serve it with rice. It is delicious.

………………………………. 🙂

Daily Prompt: Penchant

In response to prompt : Penchant

Of all the sports in the world, I have a soft spot for tennis. It began in the eighties when we only had two channels on TV , NBC and CBS. One day we noticed the players were playing a game called tennis, we  watched this game. One of the players was Christine and the opponent was Hana.

The girls won their semi-final matches, Christine was the number one player, Hana somehow managed to win the semi-final match against another player, Martina.

The day was the last and final day of the tournament. Christine the number one player, won against Hana a new player. Christine won the match, got a round  plate, which was the trophy and some money.

We wanted to watch something else, but both channels were showing the same match.

After watching the match for about an hour we learned some of the tennis vocabulary.

Somehow all of us turned into tennis fans. Now we all have our favorite  tennis players.

This is how we started watching this game we knew nothing about learned the way it’s played by just watching TV.

After all these years, I can safely say I relish watching tennis on TV. I actually have a Penchant watching Tennis!

……………………………………… 🙂

Daily Prompt : Anticipate

In response to one-word prompt : Anticipate

It was  my first year of teaching, I had thirty-three  children in my class. Our principal was responsible for dividing boys and girls equally in each of our fourth grade class. Something wasn’t right I had 28 boys and five girls in my class.

I looked at the boys and girls and anticipated  trouble from the boys, I stayed calm, thinking I shouldn’t have problems with them, they are only nine years old.

Among the boys there was one whose father was a Physician, he was unruly, ill-mannered and was fearless, none of the teachers wanted him in their class, so this job was thrust upon me.

I watched him daily, made a note of all the unacceptable things he did, I waited for the day when we’d have Parent-Teacher interviews.

In October we got the schedule for  interviews. I was ready for the mother, I knew her because my husband was a Physician too, we met at a party. So Mrs. was happy to know about her son from me and was certain, I’d praise her son, how smart he was, she could not foretell about her child’s behavior at school, in her mind he was well-behaved, none of the teachers in the lower grade complained, it was natural for her to think, her son was perfect.

After the introductory salutation, I  began relating everything negative about him, such as going to neighbors’ yards knocking down their clothes hung outside and reminding everyone his father is a doctor. He used inappropriate language, no one checked him, he thought it was okay to behave the way he did.

The mother was furious, perhaps she thought I was lying. That evening she visited her friend and complained about me. Then she asked her if she ever found him as bad as I said he was.

Her friend told her, ‘everything she said is true.’

She came back to see me again, she apologized for not believing me and was unhappy the other teachers did not mention anything about his behavior.

I thought I was morally responsible to tell the parents about their child good as well as bad, they were nine – year old kids who must know the difference between right and wrong!

…………………………………. 🙂

Daily Prompt: Memorize

In response to daily prompt : Memorize

Johnny goes shopping!

Johnny’s mother sent him to buy some groceries for her. She volunteered to write a list of all the things she wanted. Mom said Johnny,  ‘I’ll remember you don’t need to write a list.’

Little Johnny repeated everything his mom wanted. Every now and then he said out loud,  ‘mom wants a bag of sugar, a packet of tea, a litre of milk, a pound of flour, a dozen eggs.

His aim was to go to the little corner store, while walking along the road, he met his friend, Donny. They stopped and started talking, Donny said,  ‘John let’s watch the soccer match.’

‘No,’ said Johnny,  ‘I’m going  grocery shopping  for my mom, I can’t watch the match.’

‘Please,’  said Donny,   ‘just for five minutes.’

‘Okay,’ says  Johnny,  ‘only five minutes, mom needs these soon.’

Donny says,  ‘let me see the list.’

‘It’s in my brain,’ yelled Johnny!

‘Did you memorize the list?’  asked Donny.

‘Yes,’ Johnny  was losing his temper.

‘I bet you don’t remember,’ Donny laughed.

‘Yes I do,’  Johnny was angry and tried to remember, the list. He tried to repeat it.

Let me see, a pound of eggs, coffee beans, a jar of salt, and potatoes. He felt confident these are the things his mom wanted.

While buying groceries, he couldn’t remember how many potatoes he should buy. He picked up salt, coffee and a dozen roses. When he asked the sales girl for a pound of eggs, the girl burst out laughing, ‘We do not sell eggs by the pound, they come in half a dozen or a dozen, check your list.’  She said.

Johnny’s memory  failed him, what will he do?

He paid for the rest of the items but left out eggs.

He found his mom waiting at the door,   ‘What took you so long?’ She said.

With tears in his eyes he admitted, ‘Mom I’m so sorry I could not remember the things you wanted!’




Daily Prompt : Enamored

In response to daily prompt : Enamored

US open grand slam tennis is on TV,

I love watching the Spaniard Garbine.

She is young and she is fascinating,

Take  time to watch her I’m not kidding.

Then again there is Roger the great,

His fans are enamored by his style,

If you don’t know him wait just a while.

Last night he played against Tiafoe,

Who is a teenager who was in court to show.

Some day the fans will become enamored

By him who promises to make you charmed.

I say to him, ‘Tiafoe, my dear you’ll have to wait,

Winning Tennis against a legend will make you regret,

I kid you not, for the diehard fans of Roger will boo you I bet!’

……………………………….. 🙂




Daily Prompt : Magnetic

In response to one-word prompt  : Magnetic

The prompt Magnetic reminds me of our former Prime Minister, late Pierre Elliott Trudeau, I used to think he is worthy of the office of the Prime Minister, he was educated, smart and charismatic.

When he spoke English, you’d think, he was a native, similarly he spoke French like a real Frenchman. He was never afraid to say what was on his mind, he did not lie like some politicians, we hear these days. But then he was unique, we Canadians were fortunate and proud to have a Prime Minister like him.

………………………………… 🙂


Daily Prompt : Synchronize

In response to daily prompt : SYNCHRONIZE

Synchronized traffic lights is rarely  seen,

driving is a pleasure when the lights   turn green.

But if you are unfortunate and the light turns red,

All you can see are streams of red lights ahead.

We must learn to share good and bad with ease,

We cannot have everything we please.

Enjoy while you can  every passing day,

Be prepared when things don’t go your way!

……………………………….. 🙂








Daily Prompt : Solitary

In response to daily prompt : Solitary

A Solitary Town

tiny place with seven thousand people,

Solemn and friendly stands the church steeple.

Oh the CO-OP is the place to buy groceries,

Long live our supermarket there is no worries.

I‘m  sure the citizens appreciate this store,

There is none better than this one I am sure.

food inspector comes to check the fresh food,

Rarely will he find stuff  that will change his mood.

Yes everything from food to toiletries are in good shape,

This store is famous for its very own scotch tape.

Oh believe me,  such a fine store does exist,

When you visit this place you’ll be proud I insist.

No  one who comes here is disappointed!

………………………………….. 🙂