Daily Prompt: First tell us about your first day at something- school, work, living on your own, blogging, as a parent, whatever.

My first day at school: It was a beautiful morning, the sun was shining, quiet everywhere, I was busy getting ready to meet my class of forty-two boys. Perhaps they were eagerly waiting to see who their Principal had chosen this time and how long will they wait to get rid of her.

I entered the classroom and noticed one boy who seemed prepared to let me know, who they were and how many teachers they got rid of in two months.

I looked at him, he observed me from head to foot, without any introduction he blurted, ‘You are our sixth teacher in two months.’

I watched him, he had that wicked look of an uncontrollable child. I ignored him took out the register to make the roll call. While calling their names I was preparing myself to deal with them.

At 10:15 am the bell rang for recess, I heard an uproar and within seconds, the classroom was empty. The boys were gone. I sat in my seat stunned that the six year old wasn’t kidding when he announced they had five teachers before me, this was a mere sample of their behaviour.

I only had eleven months experience teaching in a different school. This was a new challenge for me, which I took on without hesitation.

I’d like to give an account of myself before I go further. I finished my Bachelor of education, the course was about History of education, and other things that a student must know.

We were not trained how to deal with students or pupils we’ll face. In my mind a six year old will be meek and well-mannered. These six year olds were confident, rebellious, and treated teachers as if they were doing us a favour by being there. They came from rich families. They had everything they wanted, fear was unknown to them.

This was an institution where the teachers had no say in anything. The six year old had more power than us.

When I got this job I was asked if I was able to discipline these young boys. At that time I had no knowledge of this particular school. I took my job seriously, I knew I would never leave it even though the children were undisciplined and rude.

Next day before recess period, I told the boys, ‘You will not be be allowed to leave the room until I give permission.’

They looked at me and each other, there was pin-drop silence. The bell rang I let them stand, line up and go out row by row without making noise.

It worked for the two years and three months I stayed. When I look back I feel proud that I was able to stay there on my own term, and quit when the time was right!

……………………………………………… 🙂

Daily Prompt : Identity

In response to daily prompt :  Identity

I went to the post office for my parcel,

The girl said it is bound  with a tassel.

She also wanted to see my identity cards,

I showed one of my Home sense cards.

‘This is not the right one I need to see,

Show me the one for which you pay a fee.’

‘Oh I see you want to see my driver’s licence,

Now I know you’re making a lot of sense!’

………………………………….. 🙂





Daily Prompt : Trademark

In response to daily prompt :  Trademark

I sometimes wonder  if it’s a good idea to go for brand name only, as consumers. I remember for years we bought parkas made by ‘Eddie Bauer,’ they were good I admit. But over the years the company was sold to someone else,  but they used  the ‘Eddie Bauer,’ logo.  The reason was they wanted to use the name to sell it at the same price, they were making money, but the quality of their clothes were not as good.

We the consumers thought we’re buying the best brand and paying a high price. When we compared with the parkas we bought before, the comparison was astounding. The new ones were of inferior quality than the old ones.

We had no idea the company had changed owners, the current owners did not live up to the name of Eddie Bauer. When we realized it we stopped buying, ‘Eddie Bauer,’   Parkas.

Perhaps as consumers we need to see the product we are buying, if it satisfies us, we spend our money, regardless of the Trademark!

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Daily Prompt : Enlighten

In response to prompt :  Enlighten

Enlighten me why some people have no feeling,

Is it because they hardly know the meaning?

Our awesome world has gone out of whack,

Can we not do something to have it back?

The type of world when streets were safe,

Now even with a companion it is unsafe!

………………………………… 🙂




Daily Prompt : Release

In response to daily prompt : Release

This morning @ 9:20 am. I finished the book, ” Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea, by Jules Verne.”

All through the book I waited to know if Monsieur Aronnax,  Conseil, and The Canadian, will ever be released from their prison, the Nautilus.

While in the ship they visited unbelievable places, their enjoyment suffered when they realized they were not free.

I remember, once I was very sick and the physician said, ‘I’ll have to admit you in the hospital.’

I went to the hospital, I was there for about ten minutes, I suddenly heard the moaning and groaning of some patients, I stood up from my seat and left immediately. As a patient you feel well, they’ll let me go when I am better. I didn’t wait, I made myself believe I’m not sick, hence this is not a place for me.

But those three who were rescued from the sea and brought in the ship, were not sure they will ever come out of this prison alive and see their loved ones.

It’s a wonderful book, there is a lot of entertainment and drama, one cannot but finish reading it till the end, which is what I did!

…………………………….. 🙂


Daily Prompt : Express

In response to daily prompt : Express

Caught between Express and Impress,

I put my mind in a terrible stress.

I tried my best to convey my thought,

My words jumbled and I sounded rot.

I took a short breath and tried to talk,

But the interviewer was in a shock.

On the paper he said, ‘Goodbye,’

Perhaps tomorrow give one more try!

…………………………………. 😦







Daily Prompt : Risky

In response to daily prompt :  Risky

I always found walking on ice rather Risky,

Keeping my balance while walking is tricky.

Walking from home to my job took five minutes,

In Winter the same distance to walk was ten minutes.

The size of the road remained the same as in Summer,

The ice on the pavement made my walking pace slower.

When the streets are icy it’s dangerous to walk carelessly,

The slippery street  scared me so I walked carefully.

Each day I prayed winter to come to an end faster,

But Winter did not rush it enjoyed leaving slower!

………………………………. 🙂





Daily Prompt : Loyal

In response to daily prompt : Loyal

Sometimes people are loyal to an individual for the wrong reason. Especially if this person is not dependable.

By being a staunch supporter of an individual comes at a high cost.

I learned a lot from teaching little kids,   that they do not blindly follow someone, they   are selective, the moment they suspect someone they like is making them lie, they will speak out, regardless of the fact, this is their favorite person, they are not afraid to ditch  this kind of person.

Kids can tell who is honest and who is not. I think we can learn a lot from some nine-year old kids. Honestly!

…………………………………. 🙂