Daily Prompt : Survive

In response to the prompt : Survive

I believe we need physical and mental strength to survive the long winters in our city. Just when we think winter is over, the weatherman announces there will be a  snowstorm with close to fifteen or more cm of pure white snow. I  wonder isn’t it the month of May? How can we have a snowstorm this late in the season?

But Nature keeps on changing its mind and we the residents try our utmost to get through yet another bout of the white feathery stuff, which we didn’t think would come back, this late in the year.

While we manage to withstand this blow, Nature connives to check our endurance. I can hear from the distance, ‘yo humans it’s all your fault, you do not respect the environment, you dump garbage all over the world, we are not going to standby and watch your actions, we will indeed remind you, You reap what you sow!’

……………………………………. 🙂


Daily Prompt : Hospitality

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Hospitality

I miss our dear friend whom we addressed as, ‘Auntie Jean,’   she was not a relation but treated us, my husband and children better than a relative.

We stayed with her and Uncle Harold several times, for at least a week, each time we visited her. She was warm, friendly and received us with open arms.

Her generosity and kindness towards us was exceptional, she had everything planned what we’d have for breakfast, lunch and dinner, when we stayed with her.

She met my husband at one, ‘Thanksgiving,’ and continued her generosity for a very long time. She was 94 when she passed away. I miss her, I have not found another good soul like her.

………………………………. 🙂


Daily Prompt : Final

In response to daily post’s one word prompt : Final

Mutua Madrid Tennis Championship Final

Rafael Nadal and Dominic Thiem are in the Final of the Mutua Madrid Tennis Championship. Today is the day of the final match.

Nadal is a Spaniard and Thiem is an Austrian. Both have won all the matches leading to the final.  Thiem is a young Austrian who comes dressed as a warrior who believes he can beat the Spaniard. Nadal will have the whole country behind him, because it is Spanish championship. Thiem will only have his family and his team rooting for him.

It depends on whose nerve is solid, however, Nadal has the experience and the nerve to win it . Thiem can only rely on his luck.

I hope the match is competitive, and not one sided, it will give the spectators their money’s worth, for I’m sure they’ve spent a huge amount.

I on the other hand will watch it on TV in my room. I’d be happy if Thiem wins but it seems to be a long shot!

……………………………….. 🙂

Daily Prompt : Yarn

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Yarn

Grandma Rosie was working in the barn,

Her grandkid Jess came to show his yarn.

‘Why it’s only a piece of thread my darling,

How will I use this one?’ She asked, snarling!

‘Why gramps all my friends say you’re a  genius,

How come you cannot use this my precious?’

Hearing this Granny jumped three feet,

And said, ‘I  know how to use this on meat,

I can tie this roast with this your yarn,

And keep this meat together in the barn.’

Then she took the tied meat on the grill,

And danced around her apron with frill.

Jess was as happy as a lark to see his thread,

Moving and rolling happily like giant Fred!

……………………………… 🙂



Daily Prompt : Blanket

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Blanket

A blanket of snow, covered the ground,

The ring that fell there, couldn’t be found.

The newly married bride cried in despair,

How long shall I wait for snow to disappear!

The clown  passing by had this to say,

Count your blessings fair one this day.

A mere ring is not worth crying for,

Shed a tear or two for those killed  in the war!

………………………………… 🙂



Daily Prompt : Zip

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Zip

My mom once told me to zip my mouth whenever I felt the urge to speak. Usually it was my older siblings who seemed they had nothing better to do than criticize me in all sorts of ways I detested. So I thought to defend myself I should speak up. It didn’t bode well with mom, she felt I’m too outspoken which would make me unpopular with friends in school, or outside when I meet people older than me. Of course in those days all the people I met were older, so I could see she had a point in restricting me.

This zipping my mouth had a bad effect later on in my life. My life in college proved to be stressful, girls in residence bullied me, because I was so quiet. I tried to speak when someone made a nasty comment, I couldn’t say anything as if someone had blocked my vocal chord and words were stuck.

There was an incident in college which is fresh in my memory, one of the girls’ said something to me and I couldn’t tell her off, then the other classmate who overheard it said,  ‘You have no backbone , why didn’t you tell her something?’

I was so hurt I stopped talking to her, which was one weapon I used when someone was mean. I personally think kids should not be restricted to speak, if someone misbehaves with them. After all out in the world they must be able to speak their mind, when no one else will defend them, they should be able to do so themselves!

…………………………………. 🙂

Daily Prompt : Tenacious

In response to daily post’s prompt : Tenacious

Sandra was an okay student, the only subject she had difficulty learning was solving Math problems. She was bright but was always negligent with her subjects in school, esp. Math. Her homeroom teacher warned her if she failed to get passing marks in Math she won’t be able to get promotion to go to  the next grade, it has to be her decision whether she wanted to spend another year in the same grade or she wanted to pass.

When Sandra was told she had to get passing marks in Math or she’d be held back. It scared her she didn’t know what she could do, she hated Math and didn’t think she’d pass. She found problem solving tough. She called her friend Ivy to discuss her problem. Ivy was a good student and Sandra’s best friend.

She volunteered to help Sandra with Math. ‘You only have to work for half an hour after school, I promise, you will not only pass but will get excellent marks.’

Every afternoon after school the two friends did Math problems for half an hour. On the fifth day Sandra jumped and said, ‘Eureka I think I understand!’

The two friends hugged each other and waited for the final exams. On the day of the beginning of final exams, the friends wished each other best of luck. The exams lasted for a week. It was time to get the results.

Another week went by waiting for the results, the two friends were worried, they were not at all sure if their hard work and determination would result in Sandra’s success.

Finally the morning they were waiting for arrived, they went to school sat in their classroom eagerly waiting for the result. The teacher called their roll numbers in alphabetical order.

Ivy’s result was announced before Sandra’s. Ivy topped the list, and waited to hear her friend’s name. The teacher said, ‘now the last name on my list is Sandra Quinton, you have scored the highest mark in Math, Congratulations, sometimes being tenacious is all  you need to pass a subject you always feared.’

……………………………………….. 🙂




Daily Prompt : Champion

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Champion

We seem to think a champion must win everything to be called a champion. There are people in this world who may not win everything in sight, but through their hard work and dedication successfully raise a family. I think they are champions too. They may not win a gold medal, but to raise a family is just as arduous as winning a gold medal.

In my mind we are all champions.

………………………………….. 🙂


Daily Prompt : Prudent

In response to daily post’s prompt : Prudent

Try to be prudent, mom would say

I don’t understand this word even today

Cautious is another meaning

Give your wound time for healing

A good student is prudent my teacher would say!





…………………………………………….. 🙂