yeh mera deewanapan hai, posted and translated by Ranu

This is a song from Bollywood movie, “Yahudi.”

It’s my favorite song sung by the great playback singer Mukesh.

This is my translation of this song:

You are  unhappy with life,

I am proud of it,

whether you agree or not,

People will agree with me.

It is my craziness,

Or my pleasure of love.

If you do not recognize it,

It’s the fault of your thoughts.

My only wish is to love you.

Whether you meet me or not,

I will certainly wait for you.

Because of this loneliness,

I will choke to death one day.

You can call me  as much you like,

I will never come back!

………………………………………… 😦




Rafi song –Mujhe darde dil ka pata na tha posted and translated by Ranu

A Hindi song, posted and translated by Ranu

I knew nothing of heartache,

Why did I meet you

I was happy and had fun alone

Why did I meet you

We were lost in our journey

In far off places

We were traveling separately

Why did I meet you

I’m not a moon giving light

in the evening

Neither am I a lamp of healing

I’m only a small lamp of the road

Why did I meet you!


Tagore Song singer, Konika bannerjee, posted by Ranu, translated by unknown

Translated by unknown.

Streams of Divine bliss is flowing in all

planes of existence

Day and night ceaseless nectar of pure joy

spills over to the infinite cosmos

The sun and moon drink in their

hands full

Beaming with never diminishing light

in their sublime subsistence

Ever filled is this manifestation

With rays of light and life

Stream of Divine bliss in all, for all

Why are you sitting there alone

All selfishly self absorbed miserable?

These illusions of suffering, are vanity

of vanities

To look beyond them,

expand your Heart

Fill your empty cup of life

from the fountain of love.




Daily Prompt : Exquisite : posted and translated by Ranu

In response to daily post’s prompt : Exquisite

I thought of this prompt for a while. I use the prompts to write stories fiction, non fiction. I even dare to write poems, using the limericks which are in my opinion short and sweet, which hopefully  won’t bore my readers to tears. All this I do to be able to write. I wouldn’t dare to call myself a writer, I’ll say it really  helps me to express myself better each day I continue to  write.

Today’s prompt made me wonder, how can I do something with the one-word prompt : Exquisite. With my mind’s help I came to the conclusion, why not I use   YouTube to play a song by one of India’s greatest singer, Lata Mangeshkar,  sing   in her Exquisite voice  this wonderful song,

‘Yeh zindagi usi ki hai. I have translated it in English for some of my readers who do not speak the language.Song from Anarkali, Music by Ram Chander, lyricist: Rajender Kishen

This life belongs to one

who is united with someone,

and lost in love

this spring,  time is telling you,

‘this is your chance

to fall in love, and

drown in the pearl of love.

So what if the heart beats

don’t count them

you  may not have this chance again

those bygone days and nights

will be lost forever

Life is cruel, enjoy love’s

pleasure while you have it.’

The light on this  grave

announces, ‘this pomegranate bud

continues to blossom even in Autumn

Do not call this a tomb,

it’s a palace of love

O life’s evening come,

I want to hug you

for the last time my beloved

I want to see you

I want to  be immersed

in your love

and forget the world,

G o o d b y e !’

…………………………………. 🙂




…………………………………… 🙂

Bengali song, singer, Hemant Kumar,posted and translated by Ranu

tare bole dio,
se jeno ashe na amar dare.

ei gungun shure mon hashe na.
ga ma pa ma ga re
(kire thamli keno? baja)
ga ma pa ma ga re
sa re ma ga re ga
re sa re sa ni sa.
oi ful mala dile sudhu jala
dhulay se jak jhore jak na

ei vanga bashi vole jodi hashi
bathay se thak vore thak na
jani fagun amay valobashe na.

tare bole dio se jeno ashe na amar dare
tare bole dio mon keno hashe na||

ga ma pa ma ga re
sa re ma ga re ga
re sa re sa ni sa.
nei alo chade jeno rat kade
e adhar sesh tobu hoy n
jay prem shore faki dey more
ei batha prane shoy na
-hai shopnay ankhi aar bhasne na.

This is a song from the Bengali movie, titled, “Two Brothers,”  although the song lyrics are serious, the two brothers are in a joyful mood , and imagining what would it be like, if they had someone they cared about.

Here is my translation of the song. Translated by Ranu.

Tell her not to come to my door,

Her musical voice does not make me smile.

The garland from her only gives me pain,

I wish the petals would scatter in the dust.

If this broken flute mistakenly smiles,

let it be filled with pain,

I know Spring does not love me.

Lack of light makes the night weep,

Yet the darkness drags on.

Love deceives me by leaving me,

I cannot endure the pain,

I no longer think of those eyes,

floating in my dream!

…………………………………. 🙂

Song , Singer, Hemant Kumar, posted and translated by Ranu

মুছে যাওয়া দিনগুলি আমায় যে পিছু ডাকে
স্মৃতি যেন আমার এ হৃদয়ে বেদনার
রঙে রঙে ছবি আঁকে ।।


মনে পড়ে যায় মনে পড়ে যায়
মনে পড়ে যায় সেই প্রথম দেখার স্মৃতি
মনে পড়ে যায় সেই হৃদয় দেবার তীথি ।
দু’জনার দুটি পথ মিশে গেল এক হয়ে
নুতন পথের বাঁকে
মুছে যাওয়া দিন গুলি…।।


সে এক নতুন দেশে
দিন গুলি ছিল যে মুখর কত গানে
সেই সুর কাঁদে আজি আমার প্রাণে ।

ভেঙে গেছে হায় ভেঙে গেছে হায়
ভেঙে গেছে আজ সেই মধুর মিলন মেলা
ভেঙে গেছে আজ সেই হাসি আর রঙের খেলা ।
কোথায় কখন কবে কোন তারা ঝরে গেল
আকাশ কি মনে রাখে
মুছে যাওয়া দিনগুলি

This was an interview with Hemant Kumar who sang parts of other songs. The above song  was from one of my favorite movies of Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen.

My bygone days seems  to  call me back,

the memory of those days, hurtful though they are

feels like colorful images in my mind.

I cannot forget how happy we were,

we met, fell in love, our paths united into one.

It seemed like a new world,

where laughter and singing

occupied our mind.

Those days are wiped out.

It feels like a dream,

which brings me down to the real world.

I’m left with my painful thoughts.

I ask myself the question,

Is the sky aware when and where one  of its

stars dropped from sight?

I happen to be that star who

no one knows.

I’m left with memories that once,

gave me so much pleasure!




Tagore Song,Singer,Hemant Kumar, posted and translated by Ranu

কেন    যামিনী না যেতে জাগালে না, বেলা হল মরি লাজে ।
     শরমে জড়িত চরণে কেমনে চলিব পথেরি মাঝে ।
আলোকপরশে মরমে মরিয়া     হেরো গো শেফালি পড়িছে ঝরিয়া,
     কোনোমতে আছে পরান ধরিয়া    কামিনী শিথিল সাজে ॥
     নিবিয়া বাঁচিল নিশার প্রদীপ উষার বাতাস লাগি,
     রজনীর শশী গগনের কোণে লুকায় শরণ মাগি ।
পাখি ডাকি বলে 'গেল বিভাবরী',   বধূ চলে জলে লইয়া গাগরি ।
     আমি এ আকুল কবরী আবরি   কেমনে যাইব কাজে ॥
Why didn't you wake me up,
 before the night was over?
the touch of light embarrasses me,
All of nature is awake,
the flowering shrub,
 is trying to cling to life,
 while it's petals are shedding.
The night lamp is relieved,
as its smothered by the 
morning breeze.
The moon seeks shelter 
in a corner of the sky.
The birds announce daybreak,
The bride ambles towards the 
pond to fill her pitcher.
Amidst all this I'm ashamed 
to go to work with my,
 knotted covered hair!