Willie The Curious Kid( A Short Story)

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There was a loud roar coming from a distant. A curious kid softly followed the sound. He went alone, no one bothered to find out, where was he going and why.

It seemed he was the one who heard this loud sound. Suddenly little Porcupine stopped him. ‘May I know where your little steps are taking you? Can I accompany you? I promise I’ll be quiet.’

To hear a black and white tiny animal talking to him, frightened him. He was shaking head to foot.

He said a little prayer his mother taught him in times of danger. Eyes closed, ‘he murmured please God get rid of this creature, for I’m afraid.’

Thinking his prayer was answered he slowly opened his eyes. Standing before him was a huge monster laughing so loud, it made the little boy shiver and cry.

The monster had pity on him he said, ‘little boy, what’s your name? I promise I won’t hurt you.’

Still shaking, he replied, ‘my name is Wilfred, but mom calls me Willy.’

The monster shook Willy’s hand and said, ‘delighted to meet you sir, I am the one and only, Gabriel.’

Willy was out of his wits, ‘he mused, Gabriel is an Angel, you do not look like him.’

‘Did you see an Angel?’ Was the reply.

‘No,’ said Willy. ‘But they aren’t scary looking like you.’

‘Really, did you know Angels have the power to transform themselves, as they please?’

‘I didn’t know.’ Willy replied.

Gabriel said, ‘Can you guess why I’m here?’

‘Of course I don’t know, how can I? I was trying to find out where the loud voice came from; all of a sudden a black and white creature stopped me. I said the prayer Mom taught me to say when I’m in danger. I closed my eyes and asked God to get rid of it. When I opened my eyes I found you. I think someone is telling me there is danger ahead, I must turn around and go home.’

‘WOW!’ said Gabriel, ‘you really are smart.’

‘Listen, Willie, carefully mark my words as I speak, alert your brain, tell it to absorb it. There are a few things I have in my mind to warn you of an impending danger. You are heading in the wrong direction. Sometimes curiosity is not a great feeling one must have. Especially you my young friend.’

Willy was greatly troubled by this news. He looked at this impersonator with much regret. He quietly complained to God, “why are you putting these obstacles on my path. All I wanted to know, where is the sound coming from, this knowledge will ease my mind that’s all. Please remove this wannabe Gabriel, and let me move on.”

‘You are so clever; Willy, you think I am not aware of your thoughts? I bet you’re pleading with God to remove me. Am I right?’

Willie by this time was exhausted and disappointed because he couldn’t accomplish what he set out to do, because of these two awful creatures.

He excused himself from the monster and decided to head for home. When he reached home waiting for him was his mother. She was so scared, she stood in front of him, like a statue, she lost her voice.

Willy called, ‘Mom, talk to me, please I will never go anywhere without telling you. I felt something dragging me to find out where the sound was coming from. I was stopped twice, first there was this tiny black and white animal. It wanted to go with me. Mom I said the prayer you taught me in times of danger, mom I did close my eyes, but when I opened them, I found a huge monster, he said he was Gabriel. I did not believe him, he is too ugly to be an Angel.’

The word Gabriel, did something to mom, she immediately spoke, ‘You saw Angel Gabriel, what did he say?’

I was too frightened to see this creature. I think I was rude. But mom he wasn’t an Angel, he only pretended to be one.

Several weeks passed, Willie and his mom were busy in their respective work, Willie in school, mom at home, doing her regular work, cleaning, shopping and preparing food for her darling child.

Days, months were passing, there was nothing to excite either mom or Willie. Winter was showing its wicked look, there were flurries off and on. It was a quiet morning, the sky looked too calm, was something about to strike them, but what, only snow, it comes each year there was no cause to worry?

But this particular morning it seemed nature was warning about something more serious than a regular snowfall. Willie asked, ‘Mom can I skip school today? I’m frightened to go to school. Mom only today, I promise I’ll try not to miss school in future.’

Before Mom could utter a word, the sky became abnormally white, the leafy trees started blowing, with it there was snow. Instead of falling softly on the ground it was crooked, the noise of the windstorm instantly hit the electric wires, everything was falling, houses were shaking. The neighbours called each other to know if they were all right.

This was the year’s first blizzard. No one seemed to be ready, the tires of vehicles were not changed to face the snow. As a result the motorists were slipping and sliding and were incapable to drive their beloved wheels.

It continued for two whole days, schools were closed, everything stopped running . The Mayor declared a state of emergency.

After this vicious storm, it was time to discover the loss the town suffered by the storm. It was huge, the councillors of the town had a meeting to discuss the steps they had to take to rebuild, the damaged buildings.

Willie’s Mom thanked him for not wanting to go to school, she feared to think what could have happened if she forced him to go to school. She believed her son had a sixth sense.

She thought about Willie meeting a strange animal and then an Angel in the guise of a monster. Both warned him to go no further, when he decided to follow the roaring sound.

She was sure her son has a silent protector. She felt she must try to keep him from following sounds, voice or anything else out of curiosity.

One day she said, ‘let’s have some heart to heart talk, Willie.’

Willie jumped at this strange idea. ‘When adults talk like that it means I’m important,’ thought Willie.

In the meantime mom cleared their family room. She moved some furniture from the other room. She was certain if she prepared a room which was comfortable with a few things that’ll attract her little boy’s attention he’ll co-operate and will be attentive.

Willie was thrilled, he had a hard time waiting to have this mysterious talk with mom. When school was over, he packed his bag, ready to fly home as soon as he could. His feet were moving so fast he tripped and fell on the road.

It was rush hour the citizens were zooming ahead, they were hungry and wanted to reach home and eat some food. No one stopped, they were busy driving as fast as their vehicles could take them home. While Willie lay on the road bleeding profusely. Several moments passed, instantly a large dark form raised its arms, stopped the traffic and demanded each motorist to help it carry the little boy to the closest hospital.

There were many humans who volunteered to come to their rescue. This unknown and unseen entity chose the most plain and simple clothed lady for rescuing the sweet little boy, you could hear him crying softly, ‘mom forgive me I was trying to come home, I promise I didn’t disobey you.’

‘All right said the good Samaritan, you must see the physician at the hospital, we don’t want to see young Willie is missing some parts.’

The lady was so surprised, she couldn’t help asking, ‘do you know this boy?’

‘O yes,’ was the reply, ‘he’s my old friend, who needs a saviour when he’s out of the house.’

They were in the hospital in less than five minutes. The stranger wondered how her car reached so soon. It’s not so fast any other time.

There was a mysterious atmosphere at the hospital, Willie was wheeled into the Operating Room. Dr. Sam was ready to see Willie, ‘how do they know him? Asked the lady who drove him there.

‘You may not know him, but Angel Gabriel knows.’

Dr. Sam carefully checked Willie’s body. There were little rashes and cuts here and there, but nothing major. Then why was he bleeding, the doctor wondered.

He rechecked the boy and found the big toe of the boy was cut badly. He stopped the bleeding and bandaged the toe.

‘You are ready to go home Willy, Dr. Sam announced.’

The lady volunteer and the good Samaritan took Willy home. Willie’s mom was found crying her heart out waiting for her son. When the doorbell rang she rushed to open the door.

Waiting outside was her son and two other people she did not know. Come in, she said with the most beautiful smile they ever witnessed. Angel Gabriel answered, ‘We brought your son safe and sound. It’s your duty to look after him.

Both magically disappeared. Mom and Willie sat on the comfortable furniture, breathed a sigh of relief and hugged each other.


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  1. Dear Ranu,

    What an amazing short story this is! It was fully of mystery, danger, and wonder. Well done!

    All good wishes,


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