Writing 201, Poetry, Day :7

Day: Seven

Today’s theme: Neighborhood

Today’s form: Ballad

Today’s device: Assonance

My street is open and is wide,

My house is in the corner.

But the driveway is  so  narrow,

You’d have to park your car on the side!


It doesn’t bother me at all,

For I have friends on both sides,

They often call me and inquire,

If I need anything from the  mall!


At first I did not like this house,

It was not what I wanted,

My husband convinced me,

It’s the one that God has granted!


Now that I’m living here,

I must admit, my friends are:

Those most encouraging folks,

Whose  love I cannot find elsewhere!

……………………….. 🙂









9 thoughts on “Writing 201, Poetry, Day :7

  1. Dear Ranu,

    There is no doubt that you have natural talent as a poet. It’s present, and increasingly visible, in these posts. Really…you may have once thought that poetry was something at which you knew not much. It’s clear, though, that talent is present, and you’re busy cultivating it :-).

    All good wishes,


  2. My dearest sister,

    Ballads are always so refreshing to read and you have come up with such a lovely one about your neighborhood 🙂 Thanks for sharing

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