Daily Prompt : Scent

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Scent

image from wikipedia

Basmati rice has a very distinct smell. There have been times when people visiting me would ask, ‘What are you cooking, it has such an amazing aroma, I feel like having some?’

When I’d say ‘it’s a different kind of rice, it’s called basmati rice. ‘

Upon hearing it’s rice their enthusiasm to eat lessens. I guess they think it’s rice how different can it be. I think it tastes much better than, long grain or uncle Ben’s rice.

I use this rice to make biriyani, it’s a kind of casserole where the ingredients are rice, meat, potatoes,l tomatoes, onions and spices. It’s a complete dish. I have cooked it several times and our friends from NEWFOUNDLAND, love it.

The dish has all the scents combined such as clarified butter, different spices, the rice and meat. ย We serve it with yogurt salad, which is a combination of cucumber, tomato, onion, green chilly, sugar and salt, and ย lemon juice.

Even our feline friends get excited when they smell this biriyani dish!

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