DP Daily Prompt: The satisfaction of a list Posted by Ranu

My favourite list is shopping in different cities of the world: My  first stop is Montreal,I went shopping for coats,the store is: Manteau Manteau.It was the fall season and I needed a coat for myself.The sales woman was a very nice lady,she knew at once I was a buyer not a window shopper.She showed me a variety of coats. I settled for a black one,the colour and the style and of course the price was tempting.I bought it, then I looked for a cap and scarf.I bought them too.I made a big mistake,both the scarf and cap are woollen. They are itchy. I wear them to be warm but they are not comfortable.

My second stop was Macy’s in Chicago. I looked for pants and tops,they had some beautiful ones. I bought a half a dozen of each.

In Toronto I bought some warm parkas for me and my kids.

Another place I love shopping is London,England.I bought a bag from a reputable store,I’ve just forgotten the name.I bought it on a Friday,the next day the zipper broke.My brother lives in London,I was visiting him.I took the bag to a store near his house to get the zipper fixed. The sales girl told me to take it back to the store,I bought the bag a day ago. I wasn’t too confident, in my home town they simply refuse to take it back even if I bought it an hour ago. I was ready to hear no Ma’am I can’t take it back.I went inside and stood quietly in the corner waiting for a salesman to appear. Within minutes one appeared,I told him about the bag,he took it and came back and apologized ,he didn’t have a replacement.He showed me one that was slightly larger.I was so impressed by him I bought the larger one.

My next favourite place to shop is Boston,they have large stores,one can buy anything, they have a variety of clothes.The best time to visit these places is Spring a lot of winter clothes go on sale.

I love shopping in Dhaka.There are so many different varieties of Sarees,I feel like buying them all. But I have to check my temptation. I do get some. I love shopping whenever I visit a new city, I make sure to buy something even if it is just a souvenir!

20 thoughts on “DP Daily Prompt: The satisfaction of a list Posted by Ranu

  1. Dear Ranu,

    You have been to many places. I have been to far too few. Especially for someone whose formal education is in anthropology, I have not traveled much. And yet, I long to see and meet and participate in life with many, indeed all, cultures.

    Thank you very much for this post.

    All good wishes,


    • Yes I have been to quite a few,still does not seem that many.You should start traveling now,your daughter is old enough,she will enjoy going places.
      Trust me.Thank you Robert.

      • Dear Ranu,

        Oh yes…we go to many places close to where we live. When I say that I wish to travel, I’m referring to world travel.

        All good wishes,


      • But you know what Robert where you live you can go places in your car.We live in an island so we have to fly wherever we want to go.
        International because my family lives in Bangladesh.To see them I have to go. I went to London,my brother lives there.This is why I have travelled there.
        Of course when I go I shop.The selection is not great where I live,so we take advantage when we visit these places.My brother-in-law lives in Chicago.He is my husband’s brother.

      • This is the difference.When I go to Chicago,I have to take a flight from St. John’s to Toronto and then take another flight from Toronto to Chicago. It becomes too hectic.

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  6. I’m with you, Ranu. Shopping when you travel can be great fun. I even like wandering in grocery stores when I travel to see what sort of different products are available. I enjoyed your post. Looks like you are enjoying the daily challenge!

    • It is challenge all right.There are some that makes me wonder to continue or give up.I like it because it makes me think.
      Thank you Terri,for your visit.

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