Writing Prompt: Flangiprop

Flangiprop my definition of this word is: a device with which one can ensnare an object,a person  or animal.

Post: flangiprop

For decades I’ve had trouble controlling overactive kids. I tried everything, all kinds of devices in the market none of them worked. Mine is a difficult job I take care of kids from ages five to ten. If I lose anyone while taking care of them. Many things can happen i.e  I’d lose my job, end up in a bad place.

I thought all these famous inventors, could not think of a device to rein in these kids, how can I invent something that’ll work.

I put  my thinking cap on . I repeated everything I’ve read about trapping. Suddenly the word prop was echoing  in my mind. I know prop is a movable object.I didn’t think it’s the answer. I continued thinking, then I yelled out like “Madame Curie,”    ‘I found it,I found it’ everyone came running what did you find, tell us. “I found the name of the device, I only have to put a prefix with prop and it is , “Flangiprop”.

Everyone burst out laughing, the youngest said, “What is Flangiprop and why do you need it?”

“I need it to catch the kids,so they are unable to run away.”

“Why do you need this weird thing, all you have to do is use your arms to grab them,”  she said.

“Really I said is it that simple, okay I’ll try your method,if it doesn’t work , I’ll use my latest, Invention, i.e, “Flangiprop”.

Does my invention work,stay tuned for the next episode !

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DP Daily Prompt: Happy Endings

I tried to quit eating sweet stuff such as cookies,chocolate,desserts, I always tell myself it’s not good for me. It makes me gain weight, or have problems with my teeth,and the worst thing is diabetes.

I managed to curtail eating these things, but not completely. I used to bake a variety of cookies,find recipes from ‘Better Homes And Gardens’ and would fill my cookie tins. I baked them for my kids. I have one habit that I want to lose,it is tasting them. I can never stop after one, I’d eat four or five and then stop.

I decided to make the cookies and not taste them at all. My husband would say, “you know kids your Mom knows her cookies are horrible that’s why she doesn’t eat them, she gives them to us.” To prove it was not true,I’d eat them.

When I couldn’t resist the temptation,I stopped baking all the sweets.  I still eat some but not the way I used to.