DP Daily Prompt: Ingredients

The one ingredient I cannot do without in my kitchen is cayenne. I think it makes the food taste better. You can use a small amount or large. It’s all about how much is comfortable to consume without getting a stomach ache.

When I make sheesh kebab I use a little more than usual,such as from half teaspoon to one and a half.  It might be too much for some people. I think the dish is not tasty if I only put half a teaspoon.

This reminds me of an incidence with my next door neighbor. We invited them for supper,our menu was sheesh kebab,chicken,salad and pilaf.

We decided we’d make sheesh kebab we like i.e., hot and spicy. We didn’t want our neighbors to go hungry,we also cooked chicken as a substitute, we baked fried chicken,especially for their daughter but also for them if they were unable to handle our spicy sheesh kebab.

We were totally blown away when they ate the spicy dish and ignored the plain fried chicken. from that day on they barbecued the kebab quite frequently. We were pleased!

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