Crockpot Pad Thai

Eliana's Garden, LLC

Chicken Pad Thai from the crockpot

Like Thai food? I do. Perhaps more than most, but I just like good food any way you give it to me. I had never made pad Thai before have had a hankering for a while now for it. Now, for those if you who have never had it and like peanut butter….you simply must try it! Deliciously rich peanut sauce with tender chicken that literally falls apart. Try it out or try this at home. I found a recipe for this on Pinterest (it’s pinned on my entree’s board if you want to check it out) but if course I had to tweak it to my liking by adding and removing items. One of the things I liked about this recipe was how incredibly easy it was to put together. On the days where I get to actually take a shower in the evening I don’t want to have to…

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