Daily Prompt : Ruminate

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Ruminate

I ponder,  I think, I Ruminate,

What’s the matter with Uncle Tate?

He is always Mad,

Which is so Sad.

It’s time for him to calm down and Meditate!


……………………………………. ūüôā

DP Daily Prompts: Verbal Confirmation

pad2014-s.png (308√ó60)

To be, to have, to think,,to move—which of these verbs is the one you feel most connected to? Or is there another verb that characterizes you better?

The verb ‘think’ is the verb I feel most connected to. All the others are special as well, after reading the ones listed, I find myself closer to the verb ‘think.’

This morning I’ve spent a good part of the first hour thinking. I had a list of to do things, writing the prompts, calling someone about something important I had to discuss.

While the prompts are important for me to do, but the telephone call was more important. I was thinking I must make this call now or I may not be able to get him if he gets busy.

After making that call I sat down to find out what the prompts are, which one can I do faster, the daily prompt won because it was straight forward, I had to choose one verb that characterizes me, I found it and am busy writing it. To me the verb ‘think ‘ is very important, everything I prepare to do I have to use my thinking process.


Writing Prompt: The satisfaction of a list

Who doesn’t love a list? So write one! ¬†Top five slices of Pizza in your town, ten reasons Disco will never die, the three secrets to Happiness–go silly or go deep just go list-Y

These are my three secrets to “Happiness”

1. Mind my business

2. Become a serious thinker

3. Eat what I like


1. Mind my business: We live in a crazy world where minding my business may not be that easy. I am willing to try and see if it makes me completely insane or wiser than I am. My plan is to read my novel,it is a good one,the title is,” Art of Hearing Heartbeats”it’s translated from German by Kevin Wiliarty. It I hope will ¬†take my mind off from thinking about the trivialities of life.

2. Become a serious thinker: This one will be a very satisfying thing for my heart and soul. I’d be able to hang out with the famous thinkers by reading their writings about their view on life. I’d learn from Iqbal about awareness of self, ¬†from Tagore the the mysteries of his poems and songs. From Socrates about life in general.

3. Eat what I like: ¬†I will buy everything I like from the super market. Each day I’d make a casserole to save time. If I get tired of the casserole I’d switch to chicken curry and rice. This will continue for a few days. My next dish I’d make would be vegetable Biriyani. This I hope will last for another week. I’d rotate this for a month. By the time the month is over I’d have had enough. Then it’d be sandwiches and soup.


I am positive minding my own business,becoming a serious thinker and eating what I like will keep my sanity in check and I’d be a very happy person!

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