Daily Prompt : Arid

In response to daily post’s one word prompt : Arid

When I come across the word Arid, I visualize Saudi desert in the Middle East. Extreme heat and lack of water. Despite all this millions of Muslims travel to Makkah for pilgrimage every year.

The burning sun fails to deter them from visiting  this holy place at least once in their lifetime. No discrimination exists here, you can be of any color, race or speak any  language, all  are welcome. The pilgrims have one desire, to pray, to treat each other with respect. They sit wherever there is space. There is no special place for millionaires or the poorest in society. They are all there to pray at regular intervals.

The Muezzin’s call alerts the pilgrims it’s time to wake up and attend the morning prayer. Allahu Akbar, God is great is repeated several times during the prayer.

I was fortunate to visit this holy place once and I was thrilled to see so many people, entering the gates of the mosque to offer their prayer.

The heat makes you very thirsty, there is a  place in the lower level of the mosque, where there are several fountains. I remember going down for a drink. I had no idea how the faucets work, each time I turned on the faucet to drink water, I only got a few drops. It didn’t quench my thirst. In my mind I said I wish someone would hold the faucet  for me so I can drink to my hearts content. Suddenly someone behind me held on to the faucet, after I was finished I turned around to thank the person, but saw no one. I just said, ‘Thank You God.’

………………………………………….. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt : Arid

    • Thank you so much. I thought of other things, sometimes I feel the experience that I had,
      would explain to human beings in general. What exactly we do when we go for pilgrimage. 🙂

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