Daily Prompt : Simple

In response to daily Post’s one-word prompt : Simple

When we first moved to Comilla, Bangladesh, there was a very nice simple man, who visited us almost every day. He was my Mom’s uncle. He was very fond of my mom and would come everyday to know if he could help mom with anything. Mom however was glad to see him and they talked for long hours. His wife was aloof from her in-laws and wasn’t interested to visit us.

One day we were invited to supper at their house, but my eldest brother was requested to go to their place three hours before dinner time. My curious mind wanted to know why my brother should go that many hours before us. I asked my mom why the older brother has to go that early, she told me no one in that house can cook, which is why ย my brother has to go early to do the cooking.

It didn’t make sense to me, my mom’s uncle had a wife and two older daughters, don’t they cook?

Mom said, ‘they don’t know how to cook.’

From a very young age I saw my mom cooking all sorts of tasty dishes , why is it her aunt older than her cannot cook?

Mom warned me, ‘You must not ask any questions when you go there!’

I did not open my mouth, at the same time felt, my mom’s uncle was such a sweet simple man, he was too afraid to ask his wife to cook.

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