Tagore Song,Singer,Hemant Kumar, posted and translated by Ranu

কেন    যামিনী না যেতে জাগালে না, বেলা হল মরি লাজে ।
     শরমে জড়িত চরণে কেমনে চলিব পথেরি মাঝে ।
আলোকপরশে মরমে মরিয়া     হেরো গো শেফালি পড়িছে ঝরিয়া,
     কোনোমতে আছে পরান ধরিয়া    কামিনী শিথিল সাজে ॥
     নিবিয়া বাঁচিল নিশার প্রদীপ উষার বাতাস লাগি,
     রজনীর শশী গগনের কোণে লুকায় শরণ মাগি ।
পাখি ডাকি বলে 'গেল বিভাবরী',   বধূ চলে জলে লইয়া গাগরি ।
     আমি এ আকুল কবরী আবরি   কেমনে যাইব কাজে ॥
Why didn't you wake me up,
 before the night was over?
the touch of light embarrasses me,
All of nature is awake,
the flowering shrub,
 is trying to cling to life,
 while it's petals are shedding.
The night lamp is relieved,
as its smothered by the 
morning breeze.
The moon seeks shelter 
in a corner of the sky.
The birds announce daybreak,
The bride ambles towards the 
pond to fill her pitcher.
Amidst all this I'm ashamed 
to go to work with my,
 knotted covered hair!

4 thoughts on “Tagore Song,Singer,Hemant Kumar, posted and translated by Ranu

    • Dear Philippa,
      It’s knotted covered hair, I mean tangled hair, hair in a mess.
      I guess the speaker spent the night with the beloved, which was not the plan.
      Everyone is awake, the crowded street, the people moving there will notice this person, this is the fear,
      so when this person covers the messy hair, it will not be seen by the people around. What about the place of work.
      This is what’s disturbing the speaker.
      I’m not sure who the poet is talking about, could it be him? This is where things get complicated. 🙂

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