Daily Prompt: Safety First

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Share the story of a time when you felt unsafe.

There are a lot of things that made me feel unsafe. I will relate one story here where I was extremely scared while traveling to Dhaka in Bangladesh, from my home town Comilla. I was traveling by train, it was three-thirty in the morning. There were other passengers with their family in the same compartment. I didn’t know them.

While the train was moving, a man suddenly showed up outside our compartment. He tried to open the door but couldn’t.

I was scared because of his looks,he had what is known as orafacial cleft . It’s a condition where the opening in the upper lift extends into the nose.It is due to tissues of the face not properly joined together during development.It is a type of a birth defect.

At that time I never knew why he looked like that ,  I was terrified. He remained standing outside our door in the moving train, I felt unsafe I thought he’d open the door and come in. I noticed the other passengers didn’t show any sign of fear.

I prayed continuously so he’d move away from our door. He did and I did not see him again.