Blogging 201, Day Three: Get Read All Over

Today’s assignment: Make sure your site is mobile friendly, and familiarize yourself with the features of responsive design.

Yes my site is mobile-friendly. I will familiarize myself with the features of responsive design. Thank you.

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Hindi song: Hamein aur jeenay ki chahat na hoti, posted and translated by Ranu

Singers are : Kishore Kumar(male voice, Lata Mangeshkar- female voice)

I would not have the desire to live,

Had you been not here,

If you did not  support me,

I would remain in the whirlpool,

And would not find the shore,

Even if I was on the shore

The waves would come and drown me.

If you were not here

How can I tell you

How much you mean  to me.

You are my life’s support

I would hold on to the string of hope

And weep for moments

Had you not been here.

I would not have the desire to live,

Had you  not been  here.

I would endure

all your sorrows happily.

I would not complain

To anyone ever.

The world would jeer at me,

Happiness would weep for me

Had you not been here,

I would not have the desire to live,

Had you not been  here!

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Blogging 201, Day Two: Audit Your Brand

Today’s assignment: Audit your  _ look all the ways you communicate information about your blog to make sure they’re focused and consistent.

I go with my tagline,” Savor kindness because cruelty is always possible later.”

I started blogging by translating the poems of Tagore, and also by translating a lot of his songs. My intention is always to entertain my readers. If I only embed his songs and fail to translate, it leaves the reader wondering, could she not translate it. It was to remove doubts that I’m a real Bengali, who lives and breathes the language, and also to find out for myself if I really can translate into English, Tagore’s Bengali lyrics.

As far as branding goes my blog is an assortment of everything. It has fiction and non-fiction, my likes and dislikes, recipes of foods the reader may enjoy reading or even try.

I hope my posts truly explains, whether I’m kind or the opposite.

Will it be appropriate if I write my blog’s branding as “A medley of different posts?”

Sorry for not posting it yesterday, I had issues with my internet connection, which could not be fixed. 😦

Please leave your comments, thanks.

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Writing 101, Day-8

Assignment: Expand a comment.

My activity

My comment

Thank you Robert. When I read the book for the first time, I had an unbelievable reaction. I loved the book immensely.
I discussed it with Shafique and wondered what kind of a person would the author,think I am if he was alive according to what he wrote about people. I felt I did not quite absorb everything he wrote, my mind was not one hundred percent there. To bring myself in the zone, I decided to do a second reading, this time chapter by chapter. I thought it would help if I shared this with my friends in the form of a post, I might succeed in understanding myself and the author. Was I able to, I’d say partly, I’ll have to go through a third reading, this time only for myself, and on occasions discuss with Shafique, he has always been a very good friend. I feel he is my brother, whom I lost years ago. (my comment to Robert).

Kahlil Gibran’s book, “The Prophet,” is an amazing book. I read it twice, once to find out what it is about. I felt this is one of those books that leaves you with the thought, “I wonder what would the writer think about me as a person, if he were alive?”

I’m still trying to find out, I didn’t get an answer from my inner self. I think I have to read it more than twice. may be if by reading for the umpteenth time, I might get an answer. Right now it’s up in the air.

Friends please leave your comment, harsh or nice, it’s all good. Thanks for taking the trouble!


Writing 101,Day 7: Hook ’em with a quote

You can write anything for today’s post _ the only requirement is that you begin with a blockquote.

The type of quote you choose is up to you Maybe the passage is something you’d like to comment on, or is one of your favorite quotes.The following is a quote of Allama Iqbal, the poet and philosopher of India. He was born in Sialkot which is now Pakistan.

So what if your prostrations have left a mark on your forehead. Try the kind that can leave a mark on the soil. This is a quote by Allama Iqbal.

Yes I’d like to comment on this quote. Here Iqbal is pointing out about prayer. It is believed in Islam, that those who pray regularly, which includes prostration, they get a mark on their forehead as evidence of their submission to the creator.

I’m not sure if I’m right or this is what the poet implied. To me he is pointing out that the mark on the forehead is no guarantee that this person is pious. One can be considered pious even if he doesn’t have that mark on the forehead.

Prayer is only one of the requirements of a good person. The other factors that should be taken into consideration,are his behavior towards his fellow beings. One needs to be compassionate, generous and humble. If these attributes are missing, the mark alone on his/her forehead will not give him the status of a truly God-fearing human being.

I wasn’t able to post this yesterday as I had problems with the  internet. I hope my friends and bloggers would take this into consideration and give their feedback. Thank you in advance.

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